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Rig Update, here is how it looks like:
Saw a couple of beats solo, one sony MDR-zx100 or zx300 not sure, and one akg k518dj and I was wearing my k518dj modded with a removable cable on a mini-xlr plug :)  
Saw a guy with a pair of sony XB-1000 was pretty impressive to see someone wearing them outside =O  
Here are my DIY headphone stands (sorry for the bad quality of the pictures):  
Hi everyone, here's my rig :) ATH-w1000x, Little Dot MKII, Audio-gd NFB-12 The headphone stand and the "shelf" are made by myself, the bottom place is still waiting for a cd player or something else.
Hi everyone, it's my first post on the forum, but i've been digging it quite a lot. Well now about the little dot MKII, I've been looking for pictures of the inside of the v2, but haven't found any one. So I decided to open mine and made some pictures of the inside. I'd like to change some capacitors with higher quality caps, but the thing is that I don't know wich caps I can replace, or better said wich woud be usefull to replace? (like the output or input caps) Here...
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