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Ill look into that.  I wanted more bass if possible, but I think I either just have to get used to these phones, or im actually just a bass head.  I dunno if i'm alone here, but I find myself not engaged in alot of the music in a fun way, but more of a musically analytical way.  
what are the best non-foam tips for the westone 4s?  I get a good fit now but If i can pay any amount of money to get a better sound i will..    getting more bass if its possible would be nice,
I have considered them, and I do like the monster warranty. I'd probably go for the tributes over the others, seeing as how its considered to have the best of both worlds (bass/clarity).  If I wanted the sound of the westone 4's only with more prominent bass would they be better then the w3?
fixing it with an EQ just didnt sit well with me, thanks for the tip though.  They are indeed growing on me though, although i'd hate to be passively compensating the sound just to feel better about my purchase.  I know the ear has to adjust, but I think I would prefer a a little more low end bass, other then that the W4s are perfect to my ears.  Reading more into the W3 it seems like it would solve the bass issue but I would hate to lose any of the clarity, and the fit...
I feel like if I was going to go for the W3 then why not avoid the fit issues and just go with a dynamic IEM instead?  At that point according to joker's review it seems as though I lose the advantages of a BA ( and frankly everything i love about the w4 ) due to it emulating the bass of a dynamic. Maybe im wrong. 
I guess i'll forget the sony's then.  As for the IE80, I have owned low end CX-300's before when I first got into IEMs and was happy with the quality of the product, i'm tempted to order them and give them a try but I'd like more opinions first before I decide to get those over the W3.   I was under the impression that the extra driver in the w4's would be only better.  
Hello head-fi!   So I recently purchased the Westone 4's and have been listening to them (un-amped) for almost 2 weeks.  I am coming from a pair of relatively bass heavy IEMs (xears XE200PROs) and am enjoying every part of the increased clarity that I get from.  I'm still getting used to the lesser quantity of bass, although its very detailed.  I find myself turning the volume much louder, although It does not seem too loud in any part of the sound, im guessing this...
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