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it will probably last longer tahn my stock cable did as i bought an earphone case for on the go use.... just hope it lasts an average school day including the trains 
Please Anyone Reply
Hi Guys and Girls,   My stock cable for my Sennheiser IE8s broke and I bought an upgrade/custom cable for the IE8. I have a number of questions for all you Headfiers out there.   1. Anyone ever heard of/seen/bought/used this cable 2. If anyone has, can you give me a short review...
DAMMT!!! already bought the IE8s for $120 (Genuine! Not Fakes)   What do you mean by too slow  
Hello ANYONE!!!  
Which one should i get... i listen to a lot of kpop so highs and mids should be superb and more better than bass. which ones then to get...all of them are under $200 btw
Ok but i want confirmation on the price Should these iems at this price be a complete steal... i think they are $400 but im thinking that theyare overpriced  
Hi there,   I'm pretty new to this thread, as you can see... I was looking online and found an IEM called Sennheiser IE8 NOw Ive been researching and the list price is $190 Should I get these IEMs if they are at this price and are they worth it The kind of music that i listen to is kpop and electronica so will it meet my needs Im also good with headphones but the budget has to be kept under $200
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