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I had an issue with the PX and sent it back for repairs but after 1 week I still have not heard back from them even after they acknowledged receiving my unit.   I emailed them again to check but again no reply.   Is there any cause for concern and has anyone encountered this before?
Hi everyone,   I am looking for some aftermarket cables for my Shure SE846. It has to be shipped to Singapore or if you are someone who is able to provide retermination service, do let me know as well because I have some cables that need to be reterminated from Westone 2 pin to Shure MMCX connectors.   Thank you very much!
Can I know what the best cable is for the SE846?   Thanks!
Can this player play files from Spotify etc?
Sent my number via mail. I'm from SG too, interested in this.   Thanks
Can I know what the difference is between the F886 and F887?   Thanks
PM sent
Anyone have any headphones to recommend that have a sound signature similar to the S-EM6 for home use?   Thank you!
Hi all,   I'm looking for the LCD 3 with Fazor. It has to come with box, accessories and papers.   Preferably able to ship to Singapore but if unable to, can use a proxy service to ship it over.   PM me your offers with your best price.   Thank you very much!
Is this the one with fazor mod?   Thanks.
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