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I happen to believe, and i think Nik would most certainly back me up here, that the Sovtek 6C45 is quite possibly going to turn out to be the best tube EVER invented. sell your system and get a custom one that supports this Sovtek. jk -- too easy to pass up m
how much are you willing to spend??? Occasionally, the Sennheiser HD580s can be found on for ~$100. these headphones will hold their own as you continue to improve your rig. The only downside is that they need an amp -- so, spend the money you save on the phones (they retail for about $240) on a CMOY amp or a Total Airhead if you like portability. I myself have the 580's paired with a headroom little, which costs more and isn't portable, but really makes them...
I am beginning to search for the proper CDP for my growing addiction -- er, system -- and i had some questions. 1) I went to a local Marantz dealer and the guy obviously had an overstock of Harman/Kardon players -- he wouldn't even let me hear the Marantz i had come in to check out!! The HK sounded fine for what it was and the price ($250) was right. I forget the model number, but i thought i'd consult with you all about HK before further consideration. What is their...
I just got a Headroom Little to power my 580's. It is my first amp -- oh my god, i was missing so much!! I feel SO a part of the club now!! blacker blacks, tighter bass, deeper soundstage, i GET it!! now all i need is a new CD player for my main rig!! Stoked, Michael_Dukakis
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