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I'm trying to find something that sounds as close to those as possible. Looking for crisp clear sound, great bass, but good all rounders. I listen to all types of music; comfort is one of my priorities. I'd like to keep the price as low as possible, but at this point, I'm just searching around, so anything is possible.
I'm hunting around for a good headset for use with an Xbox One. Trying to keep the price below $200 (this includes used pricing). I was thinking about buying some Astro A40's, the 2013 edition with the new mixamp. I want it to have a built in microphone, and of course it should be comfortable. Also, I don't want a lot of sound leakage, so closed back would be best. Anyone have experience with gaming headsets and could help me out?
I am just wondering how these would fare out with movies and video games; if they'd be alright or if their sound signature would be annoying for them.
I just went through multiple articles about real vs fake ones and I'm positive I have real ones
I bought them brand new fromĀ a Naval Base exchange store
That's true, but I'm trying to get a price that's closer to Amazon's new price, not Ebay's pricing.
I opened them and listen to them for about 2 minutes and decided there's no way in hell I'm keeping those. Only thing is, they're going to be a little harder to sell now that I opened the box.
They are the old model, but I got them on a naval base discount. They were already 50% off of the original $300, but they had an additional 50% off on top of that. So I paid $75 for them. At that price, I'm just wondering, for their sound and functionality, are they worth it?
Posted in the wrong forum
I demo'd these at Best Buy and they sound pretty good to my ears. But I'm not an audiophile, just an enthusiast.
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