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That's true, but I'm trying to get a price that's closer to Amazon's new price, not Ebay's pricing.
I opened them and listen to them for about 2 minutes and decided there's no way in hell I'm keeping those. Only thing is, they're going to be a little harder to sell now that I opened the box.
They are the old model, but I got them on a naval base discount. They were already 50% off of the original $300, but they had an additional 50% off on top of that. So I paid $75 for them. At that price, I'm just wondering, for their sound and functionality, are they worth it?
Posted in the wrong forum
I demo'd these at Best Buy and they sound pretty good to my ears. But I'm not an audiophile, just an enthusiast.
Overall the XS is cheaper, and apparently sounds better overall too. Sounds like a winner to me
Really? I'd like some custom shields! I was gonna buy some gold ones anyways.
Interesting, I do think that I would be trying the XS first, if I can. It seems like the better option for me overall, from what you both are saying.
I'm starting to think the XS is more of the way to go. As for fitment, I did put on a pair of on ear headphones at Best Buy to see what they are like, (Monster DNA) they weren't bad, but they weren't quite as comfortable as over ears. But portability is still an issue for me, and wearing the headphones around my neck would be a common thing, which is where the XS would succeed at. But I did have a pair of LP2's a while ago and those were pretty comfortable, except the...
I don't plan on using a DAC or Amp with my setup. I'd just be using my phone. Which do you prefer without a dac/amp?
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