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Nope, it should just trickle down to the others and all new 2/3/X/XC should have it at no added cost. An option for older owners to pay to have it fitted would be good too.
I live in New Zealand, so gear swaps will probably be difficult.Its good to find someone here who enjoys the same gear though, helps you sift through opinions on gear.
It might be a little shy on power, with balanced doing 4W into 32ohm with the HE6 needing 4.4W to hit 120dB transient peaks. That said, it may go well, since those peaks would be loud listening and they give output power in continuous power (refreshing change from all those who give maximum power) and it's pure Class A. My CMA800R monos 'only' do 4W pure Class A into 50ohm and they're great with the HE6. I'd give the Luxman a go.
I think it does, better even. Slightly less brash, more refined sound. I find the bass boost horrible though.I notice you seem to be sequentially buying all the stuff I have, I'd recommend getting the CMA800R monoblocks next
Right now using a Geek Out V2 with my phone.
^ This.I'm using mine on the go, using Ether case for transport.
No problem from comfort point of view, QP1R should be fine. Geek Out V2 sounds good with them here.
 Great case too! He has also confirmed it will be available for purchase individually shortly too. It fits my T5p and MHP1000 really nicely, so I will probably pick up a couple more of his cases.
 Subjective hobby, although I'm not their biggest fan I've no issue with others enjoying their sound.  I had the LCD-2.2 and was disappointed. I think it was probably the most overrated headphone ever, until they released the 3 though you got shouted down around here if you tried at all to point out it's shortcomings. For some things though it was sublime, I really loved female vocal jazz on the 2.2, and probably nothing else I've had would eclipse it for that. Depending...
There are actually a fair number of people with little/no love for the XC, and just to be clear that's in terms of its sonic abilities, before you even get to the comfort factor.
New Posts  All Forums: