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Try Google, that information is available.
Further to project86 post, regarding usable volume range, that may not be such an issue if you have a DAC with some non-destructive volume control in front of the amp. Just something to think about.
Self-restraint? What's that? Seems I'm vacillating between happiness with my HE-6 which does everything basically just right for me, and the opposing desire to have all the cans - just grabbed another HD800, couldn't resist hearing it on my CMA800R stack (grabbed the balanced cable off Massdrop FWIW). Still planning on getting the HE-1000 if at all humanly possible. If anyone wants to buy some Senn Momentum 2.0 wired let me know, ha!
 That probably partly reflects their incredibly low THD as shown in measurements, less penalty to turning to up to higher volumes and a bit easier to do that inadvertently.
 Others with a better grasp of the technicalities will no doubt chime in, but there shouldn't be a problem with the TH-900. Checking Fostex site their impedance is 25ohm, so you're ideally looking for an amp output impedance less than 8x that value (with dynamic drivers and balanced armature designs, too high an output impedance from the amp might result in wonky frequency responses at some frequencies, worth noting that planar magnetics do not exhibit this behaviour). I...
 Woohoo! Really look forward to your thoughts.
I'd imagine the M8 can get adequate volume, I wouldn't equate that at all with driving them well necessarily.
 Well, for some perspective: I am not part of the beta, I can't listen to these without travelling overseas (live in NZ, at least those in the US have had a number of meets and other opportunities to listen), and I cannot buy them anywhere yet... Frankly, I'd be thrilled to be in your situation. I'm not having a go at you all, please understand that. Patience is extremely difficult with things like this, and I know that I'd be feeling exactly the same as you (its just that...
Sure they can order the Shure pads from Amazon... I use Shipito to get 'US-only' stuff shipped to me here in NZ.
 He already did guys - it's here.
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