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Nice! The WA5 via K1K output is a nice match for the 6.
The Mjolnir? You're not hearing anything like it's best.The Ragnarok will drive it, from a power perspective, it's the just the pairing is only fair.
Yep, unfortunately that amp will not cut it with the 6. The Ragnarok is fair, by all accounts, but even there you'll get better sound out of a cheaper speaker amp.
Would love to hear about the Hope VI with this, since it seems I'm picking up a pair soon.
As per usual Money, great post. I nodded my head in agreement with it as I read it.
I would have thought the reference was to the usual teething problems new products are a bit more prone to - build quality problems/variations, higher rates of sporadic hardware failure, software bugs, that sort of thing.
Two headphones to rule them all, and in the music bind them.
Hansotek pretty much nailed it.With all due respect to Tyll, his opinion here is an outlier and should be treated as such.Even taking into account his high sensitivity to treble and love for all things 'warm and yummy', he's got so much wrong in his write up that I have to assume the HE-6 he had was broken or (more likely) under amped. He describes the bass as bloomy, lacking in impact, and the headphone on the whole as lacking in dynamics, in stark contrast to the vast...
I didn't have that issue with UAPP. Cool that it works though right?
Not underpowered on that amp, the LCD-3. The HE-6 might have been though. The HE-6 is a better headphone than the LCD range for metal, and in general. Only reason to buy an Audeze, from my point of view, is if you happen to want their colouration (and nothing wrong with that). I do like the LCD-3f though, for me the best in their range.
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