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 Frankly, so what? The implementation is everything, and the S3 and Note 2 weren't particularly great despite their Wolfson's until you Rooted your phone and installed custom kernels and such like.
Quite sure, yes. That is providing the S5 is set to film mode in display options. The Z2 suffers badly from high reflectance and poor sunlight visibility, in addition to having viewing angles not on a par with either the S5 (or even it's LCD competitors). The S5 screen on film mode has gloriously accurate colours.
 Indeed, the S5 has the better screen. Regarding DACs, the Z2 only wins out there if you want 24-bit audio, otherwise the S5 will sport basically the same compatibility with many portable DACs as the Z2. No particular opinion on either to be honest, but lets not go around saying the Z2 has the better screen, that particular differentiator goes to the S5.
Congrats on the X and your ticket to the meet! The X is some intro to headphones as a hobby!
Depends on the DAC, the DF needs UAPP in order to use the volume control on the amp section. The DF is simply the best for portable though, so overall it's seeing more use than my Pico (which works with any player).
 To be honest I have no idea, I basically always use the Dragonfly 1.2 with it because the form factor is so perfect! The DF really only works via the UAPP app, which more or less limits it to local play only, however with a 128GB card in there I don't feel too limited selection-wise. It can actually stream from my NAS and work with UAPP, however you can only select one track at a time that way, so I have to really, REALLY want to listen to a song not amongst the 90GB of...
 Yep, like most of the headphones I have owned. Now with the meet we can hopefully spare some others going through the same process :) I have decided that if we reach 50 sales for the meet I will definitely buy the Oppo for people to listen to. Now, if you're interested to hear the Oppo you will need to get out there and market the meet :)
At this stage nobody is bringing them, although I am considering getting them.
It isn't a swap meet per se, although I would be unsurprised to find lots of us trading our gear around on the day.
 Welcome! When is the Pono set to arrive? I'm a bit sceptical, some of Neil's Young's ravings about audio quality seem to have a tenuous relationship to fact, but I'm very interested to hear it nevertheless. Also would love to hear the X5. Man, if you're just getting into this stuff the meet will blow your socks off!
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