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Yes, this! I was in the first 90, anxiously awaiting shipping notice!
Wow, congrats!
Kudos on the UPnP feature - working perfectly with my Synology NAS. EDIT: Whoa, even better than that, I can use BubbleUPnP to connect to my Google Music library (got a three month sub with my Shield Android TV Pro), and then connect UAPP to the Bubble UPnP service. So basically now I can add any album in Google Play Music and stream it into UAPP.
No doubt.I've had several setups in the last couple of years, currently have the CMA800R in monoblock configuration which suits my recently repurchased HD800 down the ground and does a really nice job with the HE-6 too (and hopefully the incoming Ether also). I'm probably still looking at going full crazy on a speaker amp in the rig (Pass Labs XA30.8 probably), since the CMA800R allows for that with its pre-amp capabilities. When the dust settles it'll be a pretty...
Ah, nice - I've heard good things about that pairing.
The HE-6 is still my main squeeze where metal is concerned (well, actually, where everything is concerned, for that matter - can't wait to compare to the Ether).
Bests them both quite comfortably for me, and I like the other two.
Dont know about the US, but down here they were severely overpriced, which didn't help.
Awesome! I'm in the first wave of buyers, mine shipping to me soon.
I'd pick the HE-560, I think, and I like the T1.
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