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Shipping now included in the price.
Anyone here tried the new Dragonfly/s? I love the form factor of the first and used it a lot with my phones despite the power draw, keen to try the new ones.
Agree. I don't currently own an HD800, but did not long ago, and loved the pairing. In fact I've loved every headphone I've head from them. HE6, Ether and Ether C, LCD-4, ZMF gear, MHP1000, everything.
Yes. Love my HE6 with my CMA800R monoblocks. Revogamer also used the 6 with his, and Hansotek was blown away by the pairing.
For sale MrSpeakers Ether, in great condition (no blemishes I can see) and comes with 4-pin XLR terminated DUM cable (the stiffer first release one unfortunately), box, and case. Buyer pays paypal, shipping now included in the price. Selling as I still prefer the venerable HE6, and saving for the LCD-4
My Ether (open) still for sale folks, $1600 here.
LCD-4 and CMA800R monoblocks sounded pretty stellar when I had the 4s for a weekend.
I'm keen to try the Red and 1.5 against my 1.2 and Mojo. Love the form factor of the Dragonfly.
No worries, short notice better than none! Report back and take pictures!
Tyll's review matches my experience, as ever, slightly troubling treble for his ears was great for mine (bit of high frequency hearing loss here).
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