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There is of course nothing stopping someone else arranging one... I wouldn't be against more excuses to go to headphone meets in NZ Also, just think of how much you'll save by being able to audition everything!
Do it!
I sold my Taurus a little while back, haven't actually had anything that can run the 6 for a little while, that probably helped push me (as well as funding the purchase).Happy to be of service to your wallet
There happened to be two going in the for sale forums, so snagged them both. Cost was a bit less than one new one here, where they run at close to $3000NZD a piece. Don't think I'd contemplate getting them at new prices.
I think there is one other HE-6 owner running them this way too, from memory. I had a pretty lengthy session with them A/B'ing against a fully upgraded WA5 (via H1K output) and preferred the Questyle. I think they were on a level really, but I preferred what the monoblocks brought to the table. I can't wait to really try them out at home in my rig with the 6 though, those longer term impressions are always worth more.I asked Questyle about how much power goes into a 50ohm...
I don't really have a position in this, only pointing out the driver size of the HE-1000. I don't know enough about headphone design to say which aspects contribute the most to sound quality.
Well the HE-1000 has a significantly larger driver...
Meh, who cares about cars. Last I checked this wasn't
Thanks for confirming. Interesting, since the Nashville feedback has been pretty uniformly 'wow'. Some of that feedback was from ears that hear things like I do, it was enough to push me to pre-order. I can't wait to hear them, I'm expecting they'll sound great out of my CMA800R monoblocks.
Ha, you're welcome!For reference, to exclude Head-Fi I appended this at the end of the search string:-site:head-fi.orgI mostly use it without the minus sign to be honest, since Googles search is typically better than websites own internal search engines.
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