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Tidal and Qobuz should both work with UAPP via Bubble UPnP, I can access Google Play Music that way.
I tried it the same day I heard the EL8 open version (last I checked thought to be better than the closed), easily preferred the VI.
I still prefer removable battery and SD slot, ideally. Options there becoming limited, I hope LG retains it as a point of differentiation.
The way things are heading I think my next Android is almost certainly an LG.
Lohb's suspension bands another option.I'm another that has no comfort issues with the 6, although I'm definitely more conscious of them if swapping straight from my Ether.
Sorry richard51, but antibiotics have no effect on viruses.
Good suggestions. Also I would add: try some music with lots of energy and impact, for example Rage Against the Machines debut album is pretty well recorded, a track like Take the Power Back should give an idea of how hard the HE-1000 slams versus the HE-6.
Never seen that behavior either. EDIT: Have you selected to playback via Android in settings by any chance?
Great, cheers!
If this has the 'basic sonic signature' as my desktop CMA800R monos, I think this might be the first DAP I go for. Was interested to note one AK240 owner actually preferred the QP1R in recent meet impressions, be really interested to get some more data points on that comparison (I see one less favourable one here, but n=2 doesn't allow for much extrapolation).
New Posts  All Forums: