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 I wouldn't describe the M2 as "boomy", I hate boomy myself. I think it's quite a step up from the originals. Much more comfortable for me than the PM-3, as I am also in the group who has discomfort due to the clamping force (alleviated a little by elongating them a bit more, less secure fit, but more comfortable).
 Uh, Line Out and Headphone Out are not the same. 
Having the better DAC does absolutely nothing to assure of better SQ. Nothing. It's all about implementation at the hardware and software level.
The LG G3? Why a LOD, when a USB OTG cable would let you use the DAC in the International+ as well as the amp? It'll run balanced that way.EDIT: Oh, it's a regular International. Probably still work via UAPP though.
Clamping force definitely a little on the high side, I have a wide-ish head and wear glasses so I'm relatively sensitive to clamping force. As you say though, it's not extreme.
I've not seen many reviews of the new Momentums, apart from Macedonian Hero's - he rated the sound a very significant improvement over the first gen Momentum (I agree with him). In any case, I now have both of these headphones, and will be borrowing some first gen Momentums, so will compare all three soon.
I believe the discussion is in relation to the second gen Momentums, which are quite an improvement over the first. Sounds like you might be thinking about the first gen Momentum?
 I got mine for $495 from A2A Wednesday night - they just arrived today!
 Yes, will get into gear properly very soon! I just got my PM-3 today :)  The head-to-head with the second gen Momentums I got last week should prove interesting!
 Soon, need to make sure can get the booking, so would rather have the date settled shortly.
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