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 He's not talking about achieving volume with the HE-6, that isn't the same thing as driving the 6 well.
Interesting! 1.5W sounds too little for the HE-6 generally speaking, but that said some of Nelsons lower wattage designs are still reputed to be pretty good with the 6, so judgement reserved until I've had ears-on. FWIW, the best I've heard the 6 was from a Luxman speaker amp off the speaker taps at 110W per channel into 8ohm. On that setup I preferred them to the Abyss on a much more expensive rig.
Sir, you have officially piqued my interest. What are your amps specs? What outputs does it have? I have 4-pin XLR, every kind of single-ended connection and speaker tap (banana plugs) connections for my HE-6...
    Wow, have you guys even tried looking for this information? Several of us have, and Project86 wrote at length about this pairing in his Inner Fidelity review. 
 Awesome to have you along! I would absolutely love to hear some DIY gear... I'm an HE-6 owner, so always keen to meet anyone who might (for a fee of course) be able to build me some First Watt DIY amps for the 6 :)
 Woohoo! I think so far sold about 12 tickets, and nearly half of those are not to Head-Fi members, which surprises me a little.
I think about 160gb at last count.
I don't have any mac devices either, I was more referring to bring a mac if you were intending to use that as your source from other peoples DACs, in which case not having to install drivers for each DAC is an asset.
 At this stage I don't think so unfortunately, they're just about the only high end can that may not be present at the meet. Perhaps by next years meet, when no doubt Billy will have them.  I'd bring them on a USB at least, most of us will be running computer based transports. Not a terrible idea to bring them on a laptop either, although probably only if it is a mac (since they work without drivers on most DACs, whereas windows machines tend to require drivers for...
 Similar here, since I use an adapter into the 4-pin XLR I connect that to speaker amps, power them up, then plug in the HE-6 at zero volume (reverse order for powering down basically). 
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