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Hi all,   Although it's early in the year I thought I would get some discussion going about this years meet. At this point I am prospectively looking to arrange it for around May, similar to last year and at the same venue. If you guys have strong feelings about the date let me know, I will try and factor in as many peoples scheduling wishes as possible, although naturally I will likely not be able to accommodate everyones desired date.   If you are interested to show...
The HE-6 sounds great with everything, it's genre bandwidth is one of the appeals for me. Of the orthos I've heard (LCD 2.2 and 3 pre-and post fazor, LCD-X and the Abyss) it's my favourite. If you're prepared to scale the amping mountain (which isn't in fact as daunting as it seems at first) I would say they're probably the ortho that most Grado fans would like the best.Visiting this thread makes me miss those GS1000i though
Would love to know what rigs they've used it out of (the 6). Last time I was in a position to A/B them with the 6 running off a Luxman integrated amp I slightly preferred the 6, as did other listeners. For my money the Abyss does nothing to command the massive increase in cost over the 6, but if you're after cost-no-object quality I could certainly see the appeal of the Abyss.
Save yourself the cash for the Abyss and get the HE-6 and a proper amp to drive it
I enjoyed my GS1000i for metal too, I'd place them a fair way off my HE-6 for metal, but then the GS1K doesn't come with the ridiculous amping requirements.
Yes, definitely do! A few of us hanging on for your every word (and the other owners, if course). Just sold my Taurus a few minutes ago, so very much in the market for a new amp and this one is right up there in the running.
Wow, interesting bit of gear DanBa, nice find. With Lollipop finally getting Androids USB audio chops into a more steady state, it's looking like we're in for a good year with lots of companies competing for our dollars in this market segment.
Sure, we had the first last year, we'll have another sometime around late May (I'm the organiser).
Looking forward to your impressions Tony. Will you be coming to the Auckland meet later in the year?
That's Sennheiser's high end, it's not positioned as a halo product. The last time they did a halo product was the Orpheus. I suspect if the HD800 were being released in the current market it'd be priced higher too.Regards the EL8, my point was totally on topic here, and had really nothing to do with the EL8 per se, which was used to illustrate a point.
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