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Nice!I got the Huawei P8max yesterday, sadly not enough power out of the USB port to power the Geek Out V2 (Samsung's phones have always given higher power to USB OTG devices), and also I think no/little USB audio support in general. My HA-2 works with USB Tweak 1 in UAPP though, so still workable.
Jury is still out for me on the MHP1000, I got it at a good price (and before a considerable price rise here too, about 30% due to exchange rate), so I'll take my time with it some more. It sounds pretty good out of the balanced output on the Geek Out V2. In terms of value for money I'm not sure anything at that price is worth it, I've not heard anything that sells for more than my HE6 that I thought was better to the extent that warranted the additional expense (well I've...
Keen to see how it pairs with the MHP1000 too, and my incoming Ether C. I emailed Questyle today, so we'll see what they say.
Well I will hopefully source one soon so I can enjoy it too. I had something of a windfall with some gear deals, so have the money lying around right now... Unless I devote it to Abyss savings...
Well there you, slightly lower for the QP1R! Amazingly low even.
Sold, thanks to those who enquired.
 Questyles implementation has extraordinarily low output impedance, 0.19ohm here if I remember correctly.
Cheers, will check it out.May just use a freight-forwarder in any case. Who had stock of this in the US?
The current amplification bit happens before the output stage in Questyle's implementation, which is probably why it's no problem with IEMs. (I say that on the supposition that their application here in the DAP is the same as their desktop amps)
 Nice! I have been spreading the word in a few threads that the case is coming as a separate item.  Fits my MHP1000 and T5p beautifully too. Does not fit my FAD Pandora Hope VI.
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