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Should have an Nvidia Shield Tablet to report on next week.
 Cold comfort indeed, we tend to get pretty savaged here in NZ for most things, particularly tech. I was lucky enough to make a trip into the fantastic Addicted to Audio in Melbourne to try the gear I mentioned above, there is one truly great place in NZ to try headphone gear (the also excellent Computer Lounge), but Addicted to Audio has a larger range still.
If the price were remotely rational I'd get the Abyss if it sounded all that, could care less about its fugly looks. No interest in the Abyss though, side by side the HE-6 off the Luxman sounded better to me than the Abyss off a Cavali. Unfortunately for the salesman in store that day, the guy about to pull the trigger on an Abyss when I arrived agreed...Personally I think an awful lot of expectation and confirmation bias is present in reviews for the Abyss. To mention...
I'm sure it'd work from my NAS via file explorer, it'll be single track selection only like the other solutions posted here.
 Pretty much this for me also, a better HD650 (which I also didn't care for). Thoegenes and I seem to have virtually the same ears.
I figure I might as well wade in here...   I have the Taurus, and for now it is the only amp I'm using with my HE-6. The HE-6 does indeed sound good from the Taurus, certainly good enough that you'll be able to clearly hear which of the two (PM-1/HE-6) you prefer in side by side comparison. On that count you're good to go.   The Taurus is not the best I've heard the 6 though, so far for me the best pairing I've heard them with was a Luxman integrated amp (L507U from...
 Waking from sleep mode I do get a few dropouts, but after 5-10mins or so they cease altogether. This is just using some no name USB cable and my desktop PC, which is fairly powerful but not at all optimised for music playback. From memory I did set up long buffers in Foobar and in the Vega driver settings, which may help. Pretty much all of my music is FLAC CD rips, so I can't comment on switching between formats and whether that has any deleterious effects.
 Thank you so much for that extremely detailed reply. I have to say I really liked my Reference 10 as the DAC into the Taurus MKII, and I think the Audio-GD sound really resonates with me personally, so I will probably look very hard at the Master 10. At least initially I will be pairing it with the Auralic Vega, which will probably benefit from the Master 10 with the 10 adding a little warmth, the Vega into the Taurus isn't quite for me with the HE-6 at the end of the...
Oh hey preproman, I have belatedly realised the amp in your sig is presently the Master 10 - somehow I missed that these last several weeks. I searched and found this comment from you in relation to the pairing:  I was wondering if you had more thoughts to give us now it's been with you a little longer? Given it's 250w into 8ohm, are you using resistors with it?
 Cheers, I will certainly bid on this one later as the auction proceeds. There is a relatively small market for this stuff here, which either means it'll go cheap or bidding will heat up and it could go the other way. We'll see!
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