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I always have album art, so I like the new feature. I'd have no issues with it being optional though, for those who don't dig it.
Not for me. I mostly use the Dragonfly 1.2 and it's like an inline DAC/amp, the form factor is perfect.
Yeah, I tried the focus pads whilst in Melbourne last week (comparing to stock velour), surprised me how different the 6 sounded. Not yet decided whether for better or worse for my ears, but grabbed a set since they were there and cheap.
Well a DAC would probably need cheaper, depending on which you buy, can be used with laptops and tablets and future phones.That's the funniest thing I've read here in a while. The file sizes might be ten times the size, but the difference in SQ minuscule if real at all (and if that difference exists and is at all detectable you'll only realise it on a top flight desktop rig (perhaps the Hugo, but again, that's if there is even an audible difference).
One of the advantages, to the vendor, of proprietary cables.
I had a stable of headphones at one point, no longer needed for me as I find the HE-6 does everything well. My listening habits are eclectic, think Pantera to Ella Fitzgerald one song to the next, so changing headphones continuously is too much of a chore. At its most ridiculous I think my collection was about ten deep - GS1000i, RS1, LCD 2.2 pre-fazor, T5p, fully balanced removable cable mod T5p, Edition 8, Sig Pro, W3000ANV, T1, HD800.
People want to know what people hear dude, but whatever, you're welcome.
Bearing in mind my only point of reference with the LCD-2 is pre-fazor, I think the EL-8 edges it. From what I can gather the LCD-2 with fazor is a bit different/improved, and I can't comment on that comparison.
Will definitely do a lot more detail later. I'm not holding out in you guys, on mobile here at a music festival (Soundwave Melbourne) so typing is a bit painful and network coverage spotty.
I think with any headphone an audition is a must if you have the opportunity. Opportunities for that in NZ are fairly limited, so many of those I have purchased were purchased without audition (and I've had a few).With these, if purchasing without audition, I'd be waiting a good long while to see opinions over time - the Audeze name is so strong that in addition to the usual honeymoon period many will be strongly swayed by expectation and confirmation bias.You can see it...
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