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Wow, interesting bit of gear DanBa, nice find. With Lollipop finally getting Androids USB audio chops into a more steady state, it's looking like we're in for a good year with lots of companies competing for our dollars in this market segment.
Sure, we had the first last year, we'll have another sometime around late May (I'm the organiser).
Looking forward to your impressions Tony. Will you be coming to the Auckland meet later in the year?
That's Sennheiser's high end, it's not positioned as a halo product. The last time they did a halo product was the Orpheus. I suspect if the HD800 were being released in the current market it'd be priced higher too.Regards the EL8, my point was totally on topic here, and had really nothing to do with the EL8 per se, which was used to illustrate a point.
 Except they have specifically singled this out to be a halo product. The point isn't to sell as many of these as possible, it's about brand image. Just look at the EL8 thread to see what Audeze pricing on other models has done for them there, so many people expressing thoughts like "Oh my, this will be the first Audeze product I can afford, I can't wait to buy it!".
If sleep mode not activated there is definitely a problem.
The purpose of the 'sleep' standby mode is to allow immediate exact mode, so the behaviour described is as intended. I believe from memory it is even in the manual. Mine does it, although there is the occasional little jitter for a few minutes in exact mode when starting it direct from standby. Doesn't anyone know how to use their DAC?
In context his praise is a bit more qualified, but nevertheless high praise indeed.
I would also hope for separate sale of headphone and amp. I think all of us here would?
Wow, man, I can't wait for your feedback, this amp has been on my watch list for a while.
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