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Perhaps a bad pairing? Or maybe reference to the EL8 having relatively little ability to scale? I know a couple have mentioned that, certainly that was my experience of the proto.
The EL8 is planar magnetic, so the output impedance isn't really relevant.
From my point of view no problem asking this here - some will have some balanced advice to give regardless.
Aurender Flow?
Stillhart has. He commented that the production ones were much improved from the protos, however he still wasn't impressed.
 Interesting! I am already in the HE-6 club, I sold all my other flagships once I really heard it well driven, for me it is just a total package. I was beginning to think the HE-1000 would be the same, only even better, but perhaps I had better audition them first!
I think this is also affecting non-Samsung devices, from what I have seen elsewhere. I guess some bug in the Lollipop implementation, rather than something Samsung-specific?UAPP still working though, correct?
 I wouldn't describe the M2 as "boomy", I hate boomy myself. I think it's quite a step up from the originals. Much more comfortable for me than the PM-3, as I am also in the group who has discomfort due to the clamping force (alleviated a little by elongating them a bit more, less secure fit, but more comfortable).
 Uh, Line Out and Headphone Out are not the same. 
Having the better DAC does absolutely nothing to assure of better SQ. Nothing. It's all about implementation at the hardware and software level.
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