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       Well, the 5 foot long cord is definitely not optimal (snagging) in this case. A 36"- 40" cable would be much better and compared to my HM3 cable, it's very thin and looks more prone to damage if it does snag.       I would buy these and pay to have these made to accept a detachable cable if it can be done.
  My apologies as i should of provided more detail in my original post.        I'm looking for a 3.5mm to 3.5mm adapter only about 3-6 inches long with an L-shaped connector. Reason being - i hate straight connectors which my current headphones have so i want to plug them into one end of the adapter and the L-shaped end into my source.
       These would be for portable use and that cord looks weak and would snag alot IMO.
     Just a few days after my post, the replacement pair developed the same issue  and i returned them for a full refund. No more Vsonic products for this cat!
  Hello      I'm wanting something similar to this ( 3.5mm) but with a "L Shaped" plug and preferably just a single extension not double as in the image. Also hoping to pick up locally here in Vancouver Canada instead of ordering it online if possible. Any leads would be much appreciated!            
  Hello      A few questions if i may:    - Has the headband held up alright or has it cracked for some of you?    - I do not like the cord. Has anyone "modded" this in order to use a detachable cable with it. Or are the cups too small??      I listened to these recently and thought they sounded good.( very crisp sound).             Thanks!
    It would probably help your thread if you stated "why" your asking. Are you not happy with how the 215's sound? From what i've read, the 215's sound pretty good and are good value for the price!
  Same thing happened to mine after just 2 and a half months. Returned them for a new pair and closing in on 3 months now with no issues. The store owner has stopped selling them now and told me if it happened again, he will apply what i paid towards another product.
    Had mine 2 months and love it!    Here are 2 sites for you that relate specifically to the Samsung Media Players         BTW - ICS 4.04 is being ported as we speak 
     Headphone Bar "finally" got their order on tuesday and by the look of things, they're going faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!         "And...they're pretty much gone. We have enough to service customers in the store for the next day or two, but we have closed online orders."
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