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No contest - Neutron. They improved stability over the time, which was the only weakness.
Selling these babies. One of the most versatile Headphones imo. This is something for soundstage and midlovers! I would keep them if my speakers wouldn't need a repair work!   Smokingfree household. Original Box, Accessoires and Invoice available. I only ship within the EU. I ask the buyer to cover the paypal fees.  Bank transfer is accepted as well. I ask the buyer kindly to pay the paypal fees and shipping.   This one worked! A shame there is no higher quality adapter around. Finally I can use them for what they have been intended for.
Hmm what about these ones?   But damn it sounds marvellous balanced on my Fiio e17 at home... I can't really hate this product.
Wow, so I have to pay 30$ for something simple like that... I will just send the whole inear back for warranty service, hope it covers cable break
So i was looking through electric stores and none had adapter cables for my Re-600.... I am so damn...
Ok, not sure if balanced but I don't need an adapter with hifiman re-600 plugging in the e17. That is actually the only way I am using the re-600 right now since no adapter works
My fiio e17 has balanced output, so I don't need an adapter. But if I plug in my stock adaüter cable, sound still works. Plugging the new trrs to trs adapter = no sound. Headphone out on my smartphone is perfectly fine...   I bought this one and it isn't working. I am really starting to get frustrated with the Re-600.. EDIT: I am getting sound when I don't fully connect the cable LOL, but it's not a good sound. I can't find any other TRRS to TRS adapters and at this point I am afraid to try.
What the.. I bought a new TRRS to TRS adapter and it's not playing sound =(. The stock one already broke after 5 days..
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