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If you like the im03 but want smoother sound, the e70 will be your choice for long listening sessions i will definitely grab the e70. i find vocals on im03 more forward and brighter while the e70s more an neutral-warn side. Both portray them lovely though.
I would like to change the cable for my e70, anyone knows an appropiate one for the e70? I am not too experienced with these kind of things.
Both are non fatiguating, not typical ath sound. The e70 has more subbass,the r70x a little bit more body. Just from memory though. Soundstage is reasonaably wide and deep. I think the e70 has a little little bit more treble. I preferred the e70, but I generally do prefer iem sound over headphone. Vocals are on neutral - warm side.
Well I don't have experiences with customs but plenty with universals. I owned nice iems like pfe232, w4, ue900 sd2/3/4, ie800, ex1000. While they were great in their own rights they all had something I coudlnt live long with like too hot treble or too relaxed misa. The most natural ones were definitely the sd2 but the lack of bass made music like pop/rock a tad boring. The e70 is kinda like the sd2 with dry but not too analyical presentation. The mids are very slightly...
Selling these superb Headphones in mint condition. Reason for selling is comfort. Shipping and paypal is up to the buyer. Price is fixed since I could still just return the headphones to my dealer. Trying to avoid that though.
Joining the im03 club soon. Had the ck100pro. Excellent iem from a technical aspect but treble was too hot for me in the end. Hated the ckw1000anv for its way too bassy and dark signature with big boost in the upper treble. The esw11 was the way better limited woody but ultimately too colored as well for me to enjoy a wide range of music. Then tried the ath-r70x and was surprised about the natural, untypical of ath tuning. After owning the ath-e70, which goes into the same...
Go grab them. They are worth every penny.
Does the dt1990 have the bass(subbass) and smooth treble od thr dt1770? If yes, Im hyped.
Would you guys say that e70 and im03 are different enough to justify having both? Iam highly impressed with e70 and would like to have another ie with a more "fun" signature. Im03 fits the bill from all ivr eead so far.
@hifichris Would you say they hiss as much as your sd2? How does the soundstage od the flc8 compare to ex1000, dunu dn2000j or even the sd4? Those 3 have the best soundstage Ive ever seen in an iem. Wide width, depth and 3d.
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