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P7 = Annoying, unnatural treble. Shure535 = no treble   P7 has good Soundstage for a close sized, shure535 is pretty small
UM3 is no hifi IEM. It is a monitor for staging. Try KEF M200, Re600 or IE800.
How can you be disappointed if you never expected good sound from that company in the first place? 
I listend to a lot of single Balanced armature - some sounding good some bad, but they all had one in commin.. limited frequency response. Highs and lower bass kinda cut off. Can't really believe all the praise without having listened to it.
Still loving the HD25Alu. I have spent some time with my IE800 as well and it beats the HD25 in detail and soundstage easily and I am glad it does - considering it's price tag. But the intimacy and exciting sound of the Alu is unique and stands out :) They somehow have the same mid and treble presentation, I guess it's the Sennheiser sound. I think if someone likes the IE800, he could be very happy with the Alu as well and other way around. I like this duo =)
You talking about the HD25 right? The Alu is a different beast.
Vmoda rolled off treble and bad isolation and lacks detail. Akq dunno, open headphone with neutral bass. I didnt listen to hd25 much so cant recommend but its similar to the amp and alu, just less detail and soundstage
Sennheiser Amperior or Alu for your suggested genres. Or Audio Technica ES10
You guys shouldn't overlook the HD25 Alu. A fun sounding hp with realistic timbre. And it looks good on my head.    I listened to almost every phone on the list and would rank it over B&W P7(sounds unnatural due to the treble),  MDR-1( metallic sound and the ankled drivers touched my ears, itching ears), momentum(bass kinda all over the place and rolled off treble), DT1350(telefonic mids). The only bad thing would be the soundstage. If you like the HD25, you should...
 Thx for your impressions. Seems like the HD25ALU is the more balanced one. =)Glad it doesnt get outclassed :P
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