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With usb player pro I can regulaze the volune of the amplifier lower and therefore reduce the hiss significantly with my dn 2000j! Maybe rooting the phone and installing some new kernel gives me more access to the volume control?
Does anyone know a fix?
Just tested the sfb plugged via otg into my samsung s6. With the sine everything alright but playing with my sensitive iem, the dunu2000j, there is notable hiss in quiet environments.. more than playing directly through the s6 jack.... I bought the dfb in my hope to get a black background with my iem.
Tested with huawei and samsung tablets and I dont have volume control. I guess if you want to use these dragonflies without 3rd party app, apple is the best way to go.
Ok now the app makes my headphonr shine, but no sound coming from other players and video. Only from usb pro player...
Oh wow now it has some reserves! Sound opened up quite nicely but to need an app for this was not intended...money and some extra hassle... i will try with movies later if the volume control of the black works there...
Why is the black less loud thab my plain s6 headphone jack? I cant drive my audeze sine like that
been listening for an hour to the sine. Very spacious for an on ear, i usually prefer brighter iems/headphones but I can't fault their treble much. Detail/resolution seems to be on a high level. I have/ had high end iems like ie800 and dn2000j and I don't feel like the sine lack far behind in that department. How is the bass and treble of the oppo pm3 in comparison?
Samsung s6 and note 4 pair perfectly fine with the dunu. I love the dunu, kinda reminds me of the ck100pro but better soundstage and treble.
This is a audiophiles portable dream device. I am using very sensititve to hiss iems ( ckw1000anv) and always encountered hiss on the note 2 / 3 and other galaxies, sonies and htc's. Only the iphone 4 till 5's had a total black background. The newest generation of iphones has notable hiss and high output impedance which won't be good for highend iems which mostly consist of multi ba and hybrid setups. The s6 with its total black background and output impedance of 0,7 ohm...
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