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Does the flc8 hiss on smartphones like the samsubg s6 or htc m8 or is generally prone to hiss? The stated senitivity is not high, so I hope not Red grey gold is a vshaped tuning right? From description I predict it should sound similiat to söthe sennheiser ie800? Spacious with a lot of subbass and sparkling highs?
This is exactly exactly my impression of the e70 as well. I always find myself drawn to its bass. Combined with a non fatiguating and 3d like soundstage the e70 is my favourite pick of the sub 500euro range.. oh and I have tried alot.
I wonder how the ba drivers of the e70 are configurated. I really like how the focus of the bass is in the subbass.
Out of which source?
Are the 334 prone to hiss like the se846 or stagediver sd4? That would be a dealbreaker for me.
I wonder why the frenzy and rapture of the rhapsody series have a price difference. From description they both have a vshape. Damn I want to hear impressions already
How is the subbass of the e70? And are the mids recessed? Do they have the typical at house sound which shines with female vocals?
Do they hiss less on sources due to their unusualbhigh impedance of 35? Im quite sensitive to hiss.. most iems are crap for me in that regard
If the build quality is improved, im sold re600 gottw has the worst build quality ever.
Hmm, I find the top end just right coming from the diunu dn2000j and ie800. Thr sd4 treble feels much more refined and the overall sound isnt thin like them despite of the treble. And i got sd4 for 500€ all new But the 334 sounds like a serious piece of equipment to complient my sd4.. saving up the next 6 months asap
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