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Wow... went back and looked at my first thread here. I'm 15 now and a soph in highschool... have the P.1 Cromo which is worth around $900, Gary Fisher PHD which is worth around $3,000, and a $1200 PC I built. $150 Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers. :] Bought the CX300B's, went through the wash recently though, so my lowend is trashed and the highs got intensely shrill. Listened to a pair of EX71's today and I almost puked... I had horrible taste in sound quality back then....
Short, sweet, and to the point. I am a basshead, but I like it clean. Not muddy/bloated like I've experienced from Sony MDR-EX71's. I have had Sennheiser CX300B's that barely lacked the bass I wanted, and I could EQ them to sound like I wanted. I want either a closed or canal design. Isolation is fairly important to me, but it doesn't HAVE to be perfect or anything, just to block out outside noise. Closed so other people can't hear what I'm listening to, because I'm...
I use dbpoweramp and ripped all my music to 320kbps LAME MP3... much less crackles noticeable.. makes my ears hurt much less and seems to have a warmer sound.
Got them today. Talk about quick. I already have 2 hours on them... I'll leave them on tonight for some Burn-In.
One day delivery huh?? I got express shipping for $2 more. I bought them last night at 9PM. I figure they got processed and loaded on the truck tonight. Should I expect them tomorrow?
My friends are like... why would you spend $50 on lose little tiny earbuds. I'm like, Hey, they're IEM's and I like my music. I use them a lot and I like having the best. Seen my bike? They just don't understand. But please, continue letting mommy and daddy buy you stupid ass stuff for your iTrend... I mean iPoo... iPod...
I know. They have a lower ohm level than my EX71's did.... I think. It seems that they don't go as low in the range but if everyone else says they are awesome, then why not...
Well, I bought a pair of these in black with express shipping. Cost me $63 altogether. Ordered them at 9PM... is it too much to ask for them to be shipped and here tomorrow? Duh, probably. But Wednesday should be doable. I can't wait! I hate using my old crappy POS headphones. And my EX71 just stopped abruptly. I sure hope these are better.
Well, I just took the plunge. Ordered them off Office Depot through Amazon. Express shippingwas only 2 bucks more... So now I'm in for $63 but from what I hear, it's worth it. We'll see... Hope they don't need an amp... should be easier to drive than my Sony's though.
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