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After doing more research I'm even more at a loss as what to get... The V-MODA Vibrato, Klipsch Image X7i, KEF M200, RHA MA750i, XBA-3iP, and Onkyo IE-CTI300 have all been added to my radar. Any help based on my musical preferences? Leaning towards the EPH-100, KEF M200, and the Onkyos but I have no idea...
Hello all, I'm looking for an IEM for my workplace and am looking for some opinions.  Given that I can't bring my HE-500s to work (oh how they have spoiled me...) I am considering the VSonic GR07 (BE or regular), JVC HA-FXT90, or Yamaha EPH-100s.  I typically listen to metal (bands like Insomnium (a melodic death metal band with orchestral backings), In This Moment, etc) but also want something that at least isn't the worst thing in the world for the occasional trance...
They did not modify the contents of the original package, it was brand new (still in fedex box from when they received it from China), so no.    
The cable is not ideal but also does not pose a problem for me.    
Just arrived 2 days ago, purchased from Amazon.com from seller Kraft Street Audio LLC.  I only bought on Amazon because the EF-5 was going for $399, and the cans, amp, and dac were all fulfilled by Amazon and therefore shipped together.  Otherwise I would have bought the cans from head direct.
I have the thinner pads, 1 spare, and the Canare cable I believe.      
Just realized my new pair is the old version :(   Thats what I get from not buying from head direct I imagine.
Everything but my cables arrived yesterday, cables today!  Pictures (phone) of my unboxing: http://imgur.com/a/T0RD7   What I bought: HE-500 EF-5 (was on sale for $400 on Amazon) Audioengine D1 Emotiva RCA cables   Upon putting these on for the first time, 3 things immediately come to mind: OH MY GOD THESE ARE COMFORTABLE! They are indeed very heavy These are built for a BIG head.  My HD598s I have somewhere around 5 ticks extended,...
Thank you, will be ordering them with the EF-5, Audioengine D1, and 1.5' DiMarzio RCA Interconnects in a day or two, once I've decided on the correct approach to telling my wife I am buying new headphones.  She's the type that doesn't understand why anyone would pay more than $20.
I'm considering getting an HE-500 but I'm new to the high end scene.  I was thinking about amping with the EF-5, source being my laptop, but I'm lost on finding a worthwhile DAC.  I've seen the HDP (DAC and Amp), or I could do something like the HRT Music Streamer II with the EF-5, or something else?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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