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I just got my Bimby (so Bimby -> HiFiMan EF-5 -> HiFiMan HE-500).  At 3 hours I gave in and had a listen.  So far so good, will do some testing and report back on how the stack feels to me after more uptime.   The CMedia drivers did fail to install on Windows 10 (just kept telling me to plug in the device), but Windows recognized it anyway...
Fair enough, I don't know of any local place that I can test out the two so I will have to research that.  I guess I meant more from a technical point of view would I need a higher end amp to leverage what the DAC outputs, I'm guessing it's completely irrelevant though (still learning)?
Can someone explain, in simple enough terms, for what reason would someone choose a multibit DAC vs a delta-sigma DAC?  Is it quite simply if you have the budget, get the multibit, or is it more complicated and based on what I'm connecting it to?   For example, I've been wanting to upgrade my home DAC (Audioengine D1) which powers my HiFiMan EF-5 and my HiFiMan HE-500.  If I spend the extra money to go multibit, will my equipment benefit?
KG Jag, thank you. Obviously I don't expect to find an equivalent, just looking for something "in the spirit" of the HE-500. When reviewing the Focal Spirit line, it seemed the Classic is more aligned to the sound I'm looking for than the Pro. I'll continue researching and likely pick between a Focal Spirit or the Sony.
Hello everyone!  At home, I have HE-500s through an EF5 amp, through an Audioengine D1 DAC.  I absolutely love the warm sound, soundstage, etc., it's PERFECT (for me).  However... I can't use them in an office setting because to everyone else I might as well be wearing speakers on my head. Currently at work I'm using Sennheiser HD 598s through an HRT HeadStreamer DAC.  They are also open cans but they don't leak too much and are acceptable at the volume I listen to while...
After doing more research I'm even more at a loss as what to get... The V-MODA Vibrato, Klipsch Image X7i, KEF M200, RHA MA750i, XBA-3iP, and Onkyo IE-CTI300 have all been added to my radar. Any help based on my musical preferences? Leaning towards the EPH-100, KEF M200, and the Onkyos but I have no idea...
Hello all, I'm looking for an IEM for my workplace and am looking for some opinions.  Given that I can't bring my HE-500s to work (oh how they have spoiled me...) I am considering the VSonic GR07 (BE or regular), JVC HA-FXT90, or Yamaha EPH-100s.  I typically listen to metal (bands like Insomnium (a melodic death metal band with orchestral backings), In This Moment, etc) but also want something that at least isn't the worst thing in the world for the occasional trance...
They did not modify the contents of the original package, it was brand new (still in fedex box from when they received it from China), so no.    
The cable is not ideal but also does not pose a problem for me.    
Just arrived 2 days ago, purchased from Amazon.com from seller Kraft Street Audio LLC.  I only bought on Amazon because the EF-5 was going for $399, and the cans, amp, and dac were all fulfilled by Amazon and therefore shipped together.  Otherwise I would have bought the cans from head direct.
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