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When did you order them?
I'm pretty sure, otherwise my pair is faulty somehow. They don't sound bad at all, just more balanced and less bassy than my previous Hybrids. I thought these used to have about the same bass impact as the Piston 2's... Now the Pistons have a noticably bigger rumble than the new Hybrids.   Would be great to hear a second opinion from someone else who's just bought a pair
got my third pair today, and xiaomi has definitely tuned down the bass on these now..
 First I ever heard of it!
Nadja, Boris, Sunn O))) and The Body are extremely heavy sounding bands and I think these headphones give that kind of music a nice dark rumble. Modern black metal like Agalloch and Wolves in the Throne Room are other heavy bands that I love listening to with these cans. EDIT: I must add that I've only listened to XB950AP, not the Bluetooth version. While I've been told (and read from several sources) that they have the same sound signature, I haven't been able to compare...
 if you're used to that kind of low frequency sound, sure. I wasn't really at first, I thought it only suited certain genres.. but now I can blast anything from Sabbath to Deicide and it will sound great, especially at louder volumes. double bass drums sound absolutely massive.
these are really growing on me. not sure if it's burn in (probably just mental burn in) but they don't seem overly bassy anymore, just warm and fuzzy with good detail. comfortable as hell too!
double post
thanks for replying!wow, I found that these headphones respond very well to electronically produced bass beats. however, once a bass guitar plays a pronounced bassline, it sounds really boomy and cavernous... I can't imagine what it would sound like with the bass boost on. these headphones are for very specific genres
I got the XB950AP today, but I find the mid-bass very boomy. How is the XB950BT in comparison? With the bass boost turned off, that is.
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