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 The popping went away after beating the hell out of the earbud against a chair a bunch of times :D And the sound didn't change either. Only problem is that the protective grill is gone (after I've tinkered with it earlier).Anyone know a cheap replacement for this? Something cheap to be used as a grill/filter. 
 it's just the left one but it bothers me so much I had to go back to Piston 2 which has a bit worse isolation and fit/comfort for me I have slightly more expensive IEMs like Rockit Sounds R50 and JVC FRD-80 but they just sound so thin and uninvolving (and shrill) compared to all these awesome Xiaomi in-ears that are available! I'll just have to buy the Hybrids again and hope for the best, good thing they're cheap
anyone else get a slight popping sound when moving the bud around in the ear? it's audible when I'm walking or eating too. I think it's driver flex and it drives me crazy
I get this quiet popping sound in my left bud when I'm out walking. It's not the eartip, I tried changing it. Could it be driver flex? In that case, is there anything I can do about it?
yeah I wonder if I got a fake pair or maybe a second revision myself, I really don't hear that dark sound people talk about.. I mean it's bassy and smooth, but not muddy in the mids or highs or anything. it's basically a smoother version of Piston 2.
maybe I'm deaf but what I hear is a very clean, smooth sound in my 461s. maybe you mistake the somewhat dark sennheiser sound signature for distortion? or maybe it's there. I don't know. all ears are different.
  how's the sound signature and isolation in comparison between the two? also is ali express safe to buy from? 
would the Z03A be an upgrade to Piston 2?
I think they sound very similar to Creative Aurvana Live. They have better isolation and a mic/remote though
The HD461s aren't a good choice for true bassheads, even though they handle bass heavy music very well, if that makes sense. They're more of an all-rounder, with just a slight bass boost and laid-back treble.   The HD451s are supposed to be a bit bassier though.
New Posts  All Forums: