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mine broke in the same way as yours when I put them on my head. did you manage to repair them?
 these drivers are made of carbon nanotubes, they're harder than diamonds so I don't think sound vibrations will have any effect on the material here it's mostly a psychological effect
If I could only have one pair of headphones, these would be them.
wow, great sound for 30 bucks. the sound signature reminds me of the audio technica CKM500 that I had years ago - fun and bassy yet detailed. too bad they don't isolate very well.
the sound almost completely died in my left bud after one week of use (my older pair had no issues whatsoever for 2 years). the sound then slowly returned. though I think I heard some distortion in it for a while. Now, I'm not sure whether they're back to 100 per cent or not. any chance of permanent damage? I can't really trust my hearing at this point, drives me crazy.
does anyone know how to open the Don Scorpio Dolphin? the right phone has this extremely rattling sound at low frequencies. maybe I can fix this myself so I don't have to send them back to hong kong, wait forever, and whine about shipping costs, etc.
sorry for bumping this again, but shouldn't the player be sending a weaker signal if replay gain is on?
I've read at various places that setting the rockboxed sansa clip to +0 will essentially turn the HO into a line out. Does this apply even when I'm using replay gain which lowers the volume on my tracks?
thanks for the help! is silver worth it though? I'm only going to use the headphone out from my sansa clip+ EDIT: the silver ones were cheaper for me anyway, I ordered them :)
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