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  my first official rig and i can say im pretty proud of it.   hopefully i wont have to buy another one but i know iths place and it penchant for depleting bank accounts and the like
PM Sent!!
Would you happen to have the box and all the accessories with the cans?
The Weeknd - Echoes of Silence  
oh ok then I was looking forward to having a spiffy new badge but it doesnt mean much huh?
Sony XB40EX V-Moda Faze Skullcandy Hesh-G.I. Skullcandy Smoking Buds   and all of these are in disrepair or destroyed some kind of way the Sony's have a great sound signature to me abut i would like to hear something that has a clarity and deep sound signature 
Marsha Ambrosious Late Nights and Early Mornings
post counts must be of some prestige around these parts....   Who has the most post anyway and can their information and knowledge be trusted?
getting my post counts up seems to be the order of the day... but alas i need premium sound and head-fi provides the information necessary
To answer your question I still am looking as i like to do a lot of research, but i may just go with the M-Audio Studiophile q40 with the Beyer dt 770 pads and a Fiio e7 for a more portable solution.
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