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Got my Vali today and it works pretty nicely with my GR07, they are slightly less sensitive than the M50s, which is nice.  
The T50RP is really, really good with the Magni.
I tested with a Magni, there's enough space there for the amp, on top of the Modi. I'm just not sure if the heat it dissipates can do damage to the monitor itself. :P
Is it a good idea to place the Vali below my monitor? I don't have much room.  
Get a good cooler, like a Enermax T40. It keeps my 4.5ghz 3570k cooler than my H100i ever did for some reason. :|
Get the 5800K, the K means you can overclock it.
I should probably upgrade to 16gb from 8gb before DDR3 prices go mad, especially since my memory is 2133mhz
Do U Remember the Time by JMSN   Couldn't stop listening to this song when I first heard it.
HDD is upgradeable, as is ram. You can turn those smiley faces upside down with $150. :P
I can buy a used Magni from a friend for $70 or a new Vali. I plan to use them with a -12dbA attenuator with a GR07. Sound wise, which do most of you prefer?  I feel like, since the GR07 are fairly neutral, the Vali would make it sound slightly different, which would be cool, but the price on the Magni is really awesome.
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