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This DAC is pathetic. Just took out my GTX 760 and now the Modi stopped working. Definitely port related.Never had any problems like this with my Audioengine D1.
Ghosts was such a lame game. I couldn't even run it on medium settings with a GTX 760 without any tearing. It was painful.
For sale a pair of well mantained HE400s. Comes with the original box. No damage on them, very little cosmetic wear. The cable is a little on the weak side, it works fine for the time being though.    Since I'm based in PR, shipping will be $18. Will only ship to USA.
I've got a 4.5ghz 3570k and I'm already looking forward to upgrading to the 6 core i7 5820k in the future. Nothing's ever good enough ha
Yes. It's got nothing to do with the actual volume.Doubt it.
This free new song by Kristoff Krane.    Survival of The Fittest - Kristoff Krane
I tried the Vali with my GR07 and a 75ohm resistor, it eliminated most of the white noise but not all of it. With a 120Ω resistor, though, it sounds as clean as the magni. And sound quality doesn't seem to have changed at all so its all good.
Got my Vali today and it works pretty nicely with my GR07, they are slightly less sensitive than the M50s, which is nice.  
The T50RP is really, really good with the Magni.
I tested with a Magni, there's enough space there for the amp, on top of the Modi. I'm just not sure if the heat it dissipates can do damage to the monitor itself. :P
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