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I just sent my GR07 MK IIs to BTGAudio to be recabled with a removable cable. Mine have been broke since february. Cant wait to get them back. There's nothing quite like a good pair of portable audio gear. I could live withoutnheadphones but not without something for on the go.
How long have you had them?   Just read the eBay description.
That's precisely what happened to me with my Modi 1. Contact Schiit if it's still under warranty.
I listen to these on a daily basis and the last thing they need is less bass. If anything they're a little peaky in the treble for me. 
My Modi died precisely 1 day before the warranty expired. I'm a lucky SOB.
Assuming it has a removable cable, you could just buy a new cable that has a TRRS microphone.
Friend of mine ruined his Magni by using another power cord. I wouldn't try it.
Schiit Modi.
Just bought a pair of DT880s. I need to pump the volume pot to 5 o'clock to get the most dynamics out of these. At 3 o'clock they sound nice, but not up to their full potential. And max volume just isn't usable, the voices tend to get distorted when I bump it that loud.  Volume depends on the source, but that's where I'm averging out. 3-5 o'clock. Going to try them with a friend's Magni just to see how they sound.   I love the sound out of the Vali though. Bass seems...
Just got a reply from BTG. So I'll be sending mine in soon.
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