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Upsy daisy! New PRIRs.   Hekeli/Penaudio Sara S Signature   Well regarded Finnish speakers in the 6000€ range (run by some ridiculously large Italian apparatus).  
 I'm sure our local distributor would exchange / fix it in a heartbeat like did with my old HE-500 with same issue... I'm curious to wait it Tyll etc get any bad samples too.. ;-) It's barely audible anyway so I'm fine for now. Actually my left ear is slightly worse anyway so it just balances. 
 Well I asked Mr Smyth, it's probably ok to paste here..Quote: So yeah the auto eq is not a one for all solution. Not even manual eq especially for bass due to a large 500hz band adjustment. So more flat and less peaky the phones are really affects the outcome. Of course you can overcome this slightly with some LFE volume adjustments etc. I'm going to do some super tedious manual eq testing and see how it does in the graphs... I think in theory you could do something even...
I'm sort of bummed that there's considerably large imbalance <1khz for the money.  I've tried now with different pads, without grills etc it's clear none of them are are affecting it. Right side is always ~2dB less with some funny 300&500hz drops. Measured my drivers 41.1 & 42.2 ohms.  
Ok I ended up doing some HPEQ analysing with HD800... if you are not into tech ignore this post.    Check out how the different xfact coefficients work... (read A8 manual HPEQ OPTIMISATION chapter if you have no clue what these are)   This is one of my Siba PRIRs... I think the default 1/0.7/0.3 setup (or any for that matter) doesn't handle the 6k peak / 8k null gracefully. Maybe this is the source of the slight harshness.   Another thing I noticed is that it really...
Just got some HE560's so gonna see how they fare up to HD800. While the Senns are super airy and accurate, there always seems to be that tiny extra sibilance/harsness.. probably need to spend few more hours experimenting with the manual eq routine..   As it happens, the store I bought my HE560 is one of the best and friendliest around with a great new listening room rotating often some new stuff. I think I'll try to do some PRIRs today from Goldnote A-6 XL's.. the owner...
Probably means you can't listen to them too seriously then? But if you don't mind having (lots) of money tied to stuff like that, that's good.. I just use my old $100 M-Audio DX4 monitors which work fine for "casual" use..  
I had some O300's, then downgraded to KH120A, then sold them also... they were awesome, but pointless having those things at home without some extreme acoustics done. Sooo much easier listening to HD800's and especially bass detail is from another world compared to "just speakers".. 
Only gear that will change headstage dramatically is Realiser. Yadda yadda amps and dacs are subtle improvements compared to that, yeah you can get some more "airyness" and sense of space but it's still between your ears.   There's always some crossfeed dsp etc if you want some cheap front projection.   But yeah I haven't heard anything nearly as holographic as HD800 so far.. sometimes it feels like I'm floating inside the music..
Head to regrilling thread. My measurements show diy grill almost as good as without.
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