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 I'll keep on using my NFB-1AMP... tried a passive Khozmo but I felt it lost details. I also bought a Griffin Powermate to control windows master volume in case I go full ret..digital. 
Hehe actually I ditched my HD800 and headphones altogether and switched to monitors. I was so impressed with EVE Audio SC307's, super open smooth sound and really tight slammy bass. I had Genelec 8050's to try at the same time and they were just mehh, uninvolving and sloppy bass. I guess I need to vacate this thread. 
Sold my HD800, so unneeded cables in flawless condition.   - Toxic Cables Viper (SPC), length 250cm (+ matching 30cm XLR->1/4" adapter for unbalanced use!)  120€   - Furutech ADL iHP-35H-4XLR (Alpha cryo OCC), length 135cm.   100€   - Together with cable, I can sell original Sievking Omega headphone stand for   40€   Shipping to EU and Paypal fees included in the prices.
Location is in my profile. ;) Thanks for the interest.
HD800 SOLD       Moving to speakers so dumping my trusty HD800. Serial 21xxx. About three years old, first owner with receipt, flawless condition, zero paint problems. Non smoking, non pets home. Price 740€.   SuperDupont mod is carefully installed. Guaranteed that everything is tip top and sounds good. http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/sennheiser-hd-800-s-tweaked-and-delightfuland-french-diy-response   Original box and everything that came is included. The...
 It's just the 7-threaded cable solder connection on the gain boards.. no point continuing with this since it's human error, it wouldn't fault by itself thus nothing to blame Audio-GD for.
Well I'm pretty sure I found the problem. Not to name names, but previous owners attemps at soldering the gain board looks absolute mess.  When I nudge the cable live I hear it fixing the volume issues.. I think it's a quick 15 minute resolder job at a local diy shop..
Ok I'm not imagining things. Somethings definitely broken.   Here's a video of monitoring 1khz sinewave directly from RCA output to my M-Audio Transit soundcard. Sorry about the quality, the Audacity scale you see is -60dBFS -> 0dBFS across the screen. You can see 6-10dB difference from right channel at bottom volumes.. and there's many fishy spots even at normal volumes where volume jumps very erratically.   (video removed, problem solved, audio-gd not to be blaimed)
 Ah ok could be that I just never noticed it. The bleeding is very small, but kinda annoying when you want to mute stuff, of course normally I do it from player. The imbalance is minor if it's even there (maybe I'll try measuring it), but anything under 10-15 is too quiet for normal listening anyway so doesn't matter..
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