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 Chasing pointless parameters. Probably even the crappiest amplifiers of all can reproduce this infamous tizzybuzzing. If someone wants to know if it's the driver or not, simply brake the seal (lift your cup) while playing low sine. The buzzing will come and together with the seal. You might even find a volume position where a slight change will change it suddently on/off with a seal. The sound is unmistakeably "physical" in nature and not some vague amplifier distortion...
But does it get even better if you replace both USB cables? Or is this the same as in power cables that only the last meter matters.    How about two Wyrds chained together? Does it achieve double the filtering? 
Just try what sounds best. Nobody else than Smyth knows how _exactly_ the inversion works.   Read the previous comments:   It's clear HPEQ is not perfect, HD800 6khz peak makes it go crazy unless you lower the middle value.
 What's the point in anything if not being anally retentive. 
 And I was simply baiting on your "not needed most of the time" comment, which is different than "some of electronic music". Perhaps you just need to familiarize yourself with more of electronic music genres. To me, nothing is ever "wasted" with HD800, perhaps just less gained - but it still digs more things out than most.
 Perhaps you need to read my post again, nowhere I was suggesting that you are braindead - it was intended as a joking comment anyway.  Perhaps we are obsessing on the definition of "soundstage". Obviously it's of no importance if there's recorded studio/hall sound in electronic music - or any music for that matter - I couldn't care less if jazz, rock, orchestral or classical music is a multi-track computer mix or live recording! If it sounds good and moves you, that's all...
 This "fact" makes as much sense as saying that any music can be listened from an old mono radio. Of course the essence of the music stays the same, but it's much more rewarding to hear all the separation, reverb, panning effects etc that good headphones provide. Now it's possible that one might prefer a closed in sound, but that doesn't mean it's needed. I do have my Senn HD8's for "thumping it out", but I have a hard time finding any music that wouldn't benefit from...
 You do realise that there's 25451 genres inside "electronic music"? Yeah maybe if you listen to the average "pop" house or trance there's not an immediately need, but certainly on lots of things the soundscapes are amazing..
Since Australia has 230V you could simply use for the cheaper price, three year warranty and all..
  Enough said I guess. EQ or damp as you please, engineers will also do as they please.
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