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 And my (identical) graphs are in my sig. Either you are comparing to whatever (or not even comparing at the same time) but all the things seen in these particular graphs are clearly heard, including the "muffiness".
 All these "wut wuts" and HD8 rumble are clearly seen (and heard) from several independent measurements. What do you call a ~5-10dB drop (compared to "neutral") on treble then?? I like to call it subdued, since there's still some spark so it's not exactly "muffled". Dark is fine also.
 I guess the switch simply changes the internal operating mode. 
One of the most well regarded amps for HD800 (maybe for many else too). Two months old MINT condition, original packaging, graphs etc all there.   Doing a complete table cleanout, just don't have time to listen these days (especially now in the summer) and my Realiser is fine for movies etc.   RCA+XLR inputs, RCA-preouts for monitors etc. Two normal single ended 6,5mm outputs. And just as a reminder, the XLR-output is not a normal balanced one, but intended for mono...
Of course there are Tyll's measurements which look the same:
Received my Takstar Hi2050 after 3 weeks in Chinese customs.. what's not to like about them? $42 worth of great comfort, gentle clamp, generous velour pads (7x4x2cm), openish clean sound. Cable is good length, light and flexible.   As all the others, I measured them on my head using the calibrated Smyth Realiser -mics in ear, zero compensation.   Hi2050 / Superlux HD330 / Senn HD800 / Presonus HD7     Hi2050 / Senn HD600 / CAL!   (unsmoothed)     THD nice...
It's a lot harder to keep head still for 12 seconds than 3 seconds... so it's possible to mess something a bit with it..   If you are short on time, I've always said you should just shoot as many PRIRs as you can. Don't bother verifying etc (maybe only the first one so you know it works). Shoot, adjust mics, maybe try slightly different look angle, shoot, adjust mics, angles etc.... just listen at home which sounds the best to you. There's always slight differences.
 It is if they chose to do a complex multi-tier distributor scheme in the EU, instead of more direct sales like in US. Stuff like this just pisses customers. I'm very well aware how different products and brands cost US vs EU, but this is just too big gap imo.
 I can see it in shops around the Europe, but the pricing seems ridiculous, UK, Germany, Finland etc all are around 1350-1400€ (~1099£). Worst case scenario of importing from US 1099$ + 50$ ship + 27% customs taxes fees etc = 1055€ or 860£! Even Audeze is priced about the same in EU vs importing. Is Oppo EU (if such exists) a different greedy branch?
Classic headphones for sale, fantastic bright 3D-like sound. As usual, headbands are starting to detoriate, BUT pads are like brand new (and in fact even original?! very soft with red/blue stitching). The foam ring surrounding drivers is also gone as expected, but probably easy to recreate. I don't need this project right now, maybe someone else will have fun.   I've cleaned all the foam gunk from the drivers and done...
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