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 Have you compared your custom to the well known public unlimited profile? https://www.dropbox.com/s/x1wuzp85cxhom7q/AB000B.swhp?dl=0 Bass extension etc difference is easily heard between average and AB000B. Well now that I have SD mod done, I might consider shipping to for calibration anyway..
Fascinating stuff on the new Q&A and Exchange docs (BRIR personalisation, hpeq/measurement improvements etc)! Everything seems to be well thought out, this is what A8 aspired to be.  It seems they are taking it seriously now, hopefully firmwares will show up more than every 5 years..   https://www.facebook.com/Smyth-Research-1670587523204875/
 Manual EQ does stuff in 500hz bands, it's far from perfect. Did you verify with measurements that it actually affects bass <500hz? Not sure if I tested it, was long time ago. With bass the most critical stuff are subbass roll off (<100hz) and the usual 100-200hz bumps in some phones. There's no way to fix stuff like this properly with 500hz bands. This is why one should use as flat phones as possible to begin with. Sonarworks or any other generic EQ has nothing to do with...
Unless they fix the HPEQ completely, you are probably better off using something like Sonarworks to flatten out the headphone response before feeding Realiser. This was discussed on the A8 thread, for example A8 HPEQ does not touch frequencies under 1khz at all! And gets pretty confused with HD800's 6khz peak.
 I have no idea why you are insisting anechoic chamber, and what this has to do with single speaker measurement method (vs perhaps multiple - there's no difference really). Studios are not anechoic. Home theatres are not anechoic. You position the speaker in a room, in a position that's satisfactory, perhaps get some mattresses and other stuff temporarily to damp a little bit and fix peaks and valleys etc with eq if necessary. More likely you get a better result from a...
 We have no idea if the single speaker measurement works on A16. But if it does, I would hope one can simply record the ceiling speakers by simply looking down during that measurement. For anyone not aware, the measurement is done by sitting in a chair and simply rotating yourself at different angles around the 360 axis. The speaker obviously is never moved.
 Well, if you believe a short cable makes a difference, then one needs to be pretty confident that all the materials and solder inside the plug are magic stuff that have no effect (have you looked what's inside the adapter?). I rather not break my amps plughole anyway with such a heavy adapter. 
 Any cable maker will make one, like toxic-cables.co.uk or forzaaudioworks.com. Heck, if you don't believe in cables, you can buy some Neutrik connectors and cable for a tenner and go to a local soldering shack to finish it.
 Nobody really goes to an actual "theatre" to do PRIRs, hassle to record and pretty gimmycky stuff with possible too much reverb. Normal users go to any places with hifi speakers, a hifi shop, music studio etc. Hooking up the equipment and doing PRIRs is very simple once you practise it few times. With A16 it should be much easier with the supposed new connections (spdif/hdmi for test signals). Only few places offer a "service". Nobody knows about Realiser, how could they...
 Why would you pass it for that reason? I've been to several studios, each cost 0-70€/hour and this is only a small country. You can do it in an hour if in a pinch. There is no way to get perfect results unless you do it yourself, simple earphysical fact. But there are huge amount of other peoples PRIRs shared on dropbox if you really want to pay lot of money for "crippled" solution.
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