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 It has nothing to do with Alsa. If you have multiple cards, you must sync the hardware clocks, period. Even ALSA knows it:  If you don't care about possible hiccups thats fine, I'm sure it'll work 99% of the time. It's still not ideal.
 Multiple DACs means multiple USB etc connections fighting each other and clocks running at different speeds resulting in possible hiccups. Faar from ideal even if you manage to get it "work".
 Not much of a sale if you consider EU prices. But I don't know what's the "standard" purchase price in US generally (again not meaning the retail Amazon crap prices, but a best negotiated deal from hifishops etc that anyone can generally buy).
 During these years I've never seen HD800 on sale (and I mean a real price reduction, not the regular low prices I already mentioned). HD700 has been many times, like you see on Amazon right now, also here locally they've been around the same price on special times (420€ = 310£). I guess it doesn't sell that well. Comparing a flagship and lower-tier model is pretty apples and oranges.
Well duh it's not like Sennheiser itself selling on Amazon will dump the phones for a bargain.   999£ seems to be standard webshop price around Pretty sure you can haggle if you actually contact the hifishops.   Here I can just walk to a local store (one of the largest retailers) and grab them from shelf for 945€ = 1061$ - 24% VAT = 855$ US comparison price.  Well to be fair 1099€ is the "standard" webshop price around here.. but as always they are negotiable.
Pretty sure it's smaller than Shure or most...   Though can't agree how the pads are bad, you even get extra velours. And my ears fit comfortably completely inside unlike many others. It's still designed as portable with great isolation so it's not intended to "breathe".   But hey, if there's will, there's a way... start cutting things up and report. 
 Did you swap the stock velour pads? If you did and noticed the unique attaching mechanism, there's no reason to assume any other pad would fit. Unless you start sewing (well gluing) to the stock frame.
 Well yeah basically it goes like that. One need a bit of practise to be able to handle the whole operation smoothly, speaker angles need to be setup right etc. There's lots of button pushing and different modes of operation that need to be understood well for optimum results. Headphone talk you can find lots in this thread. Preferably you need good open ones with linear frequency and minimal distortion, Stax, HD800 etc.
 What I referred as "mixing desk" was just something that you can hook up the signals to. I have no idea how audio is setup in a real theatre, but sometimes finding suitable analog inputs is a real pain - there might even not be any analog inputs if everything is handled digitally (or they are hidden in the racks with impossible access), so you might need own multichannel analog to digital converter etc. Studios use mainly XLR, there you need suitable RCA->XLR...
Read:   ("The measurements" section already tells everything you asked!!) ...and many reviews around for it which explain these things in quite detail   You need to have Realiser with you when taking measurements and output the test tones from it's RCA outputs for all 2-8 channels. Obviously a huge undertaking in a real theatre (you would need to rent it for few hours,...
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