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 You "almost" measured them? Sorry I couldn't resist one more snappy resort before going out in the sun.  I'm in no way dismissing that there must be some audible production variance somewhere. All this rambling just came from the general "6khz" talk, which I'm sceptical about. If there indeed was HD800 without a peak, I'm sure 10 people would be dissecting them right now against a peaky one to find out the construction difference. But taking in account how the peak...
 Perhaps phones near the same serial, but we know nothing about Sennheiser rig, it might have changed many times. How many times do they reposition and average the phones? Perhaps the phones you tested have differently weared pads etc or just you position them differently on head. I think you can draw zilch conclusions from "one senn FR graph to another". Take 5-10 fresh phones and do them at the same time on a good rig, then we can speculate about production variance.  
 Nothing strange there. I'm one of the few that use an actual live head. The measurements are very consistent even when done again after quite some time and look similar to Innerfidelity etc. As always, everyones rigs create different graphs and emphasis and it's extremely hard to create a graph that shows how something really sounds (even if we ignore personal hearing differences). I think solderdude released some quite interesting comparisons on different methods. But...
 We are not talking about "manufacturers". We are talking about Sennheiser, whose graphs are absolute nonsense compared to what "standards" are usually expected here. The measurement process and possible compensation etc is pretty much unknown, looks like anything can be +-5dB there. Not many manufacturers release graphs, but atleast Audeze makes decend ones. Heres mine as sent from Sennheiser:  And here's mine measured by my rig (uncompensated, headphone on my head with...
 Let me try again. The sennheiser graphs are notoriously vague, varying and smoothed. They are not a basis for comparison, unlike say some Innerfidelity or Pirate made graphs. The 6khz peak is a physical result of the frame and driver, which has been analyzed to death. Unless you have a mutant phone (highly unlikely as it's maybe one of the most consistently manufactured phone), it's impossible to not have a 6khz bump.
 So your pair has a completely different frame and driver than everyone else? Good for you.  Pretty sure you would see the humongous peak on any proper measuring rig, funny how people make conclusions from a manufacturer posted 324345 octave smoothed graph made by unknown methods..
 It has nothing to do with Alsa. If you have multiple cards, you must sync the hardware clocks, period. Even ALSA knows it:  If you don't care about possible hiccups thats fine, I'm sure it'll work 99% of the time. It's still not ideal.
 Multiple DACs means multiple USB etc connections fighting each other and clocks running at different speeds resulting in possible hiccups. Faar from ideal even if you manage to get it "work".
 Not much of a sale if you consider EU prices. But I don't know what's the "standard" purchase price in US generally (again not meaning the retail Amazon crap prices, but a best negotiated deal from hifishops etc that anyone can generally buy).
 During these years I've never seen HD800 on sale (and I mean a real price reduction, not the regular low prices I already mentioned). HD700 has been many times, like you see on Amazon right now, also here locally they've been around the same price on special times (420€ = 310£). I guess it doesn't sell that well. Comparing a flagship and lower-tier model is pretty apples and oranges.
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