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YES, for me at least. But the 225 is the sweet spot in the Grado Line up. If you've got the budget the first stop is 225, if you are low budget 80's.
I say both...LOLYou can never have too many headphones, here is a sample of mine
Make sonic an offer on ebay, $118 shipped to your door. Save ya $11 bucks if you want a new one, Sorry Op to bust in your thread.
These are now SOLD to BEZMan, Sorry guys he paid first, Don't hate mail me
They cost a lot, but work perfect. This seller ships worldwide too..Check for other colors, I bought Black for mine
LOL, I'm 6'1 215 and have no problems with ear space. You should be ok, I have a bigger then average dome and I'm ok. I know Mal posted a pic of him wearing the Premiums but I can't find it. Edit: Damn that's a big link, but it will show you the size. Check out Mals collection, man I wish I was rich too...
Not Sure what Beyers warranty is?, maybe 2 years? You can always buy a Square Trade warranty as well. They are 3 years for $20 or so. You shouldn't have any fit issues, I've yet to see anyone have a bad review on fit or comfort. They really are top of the heep for both. They have a slight clamp at first, but the velours are so soft. after about a week of use they loosen up and slide off and on like butter. Super comfy!!!
Couldn't tell you. I've only had this set for a short time. I never had any problems with my first set but that was back in 08/09. I think people were getting hairs or something on the drivers? I don't see how, these things are tanks and the pads are thick. You'd have to have some Bigfoot type hair to get in there or not taking care of your headphones. tossing them around or whatnot!
Can't help you with this one, I don't use a portable setup that much. When I did I just used a backpack and stuck everything in there with just the headphones coming out.I'm goofy that way.
Make that $139 if you do BML from best buy...That's a great deal right there..!!!
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