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I think the E6 would be pushing it to the limit. The E11 should have plenty of power. But if you need a 250 ohm coiled cable, Best buy $149.99 shipped.'m not sure if GS price matches? Since you haven't used ebay. if they match, there you go. Then you can swing the E11 if your budget is $220..No problem then.
The 250 ohm has the coiled cable, the 80ohm is straight. Both are 9ft, but even being straight you can just braid it up if you are on the go. The cable is decent size, not a big fat cable. The Beyers will last you awhile, the are built like a tank. Great build quality.They're German:DIf you go for the Beyers you will only need to upgrade much later, as you really need to go higher up the chain. A lot of people recommend the ATH M50's. They are a decent set. BUT, if you pay...
Full over ear, comfort is top notch, you can wear them all day and never have problem.
Yes, I think you'll be happy. The Beyers are pretty good All-Rounders for music. Classical might be out, but I don't listen to it myself. I'm more 70's/80's Rock/Metal, Blues and Jazz. And they work well with all..Not really into Rap/RnB anymore, but for sure the Beyers work well with those styles.
Yes, Brand spanking new, Not B-Stock either...Lowest $ I've found the 80's, I'm always after a deal
Here is the E11, Micca is a US dealer. This is thier package deal. You get a spare Battery charger etc...It's only a few $ more then just the E11 but worth it for all the extras.
see my edit above, $220 is too much....The E6 will work but E11 is a better deal. The Beyers even at 80ohm is really easy to drive. Out of my ipod I get enough volume. At home I use an M-Stage, but a big amp is not really needed. The E11 is only a few more $ then the E6..If you are on a tight budget the E6 will work, but I'd spring for the E11.
Hands down the Beyers are the best of the bunch, The Beyers are heading into Mi-Fi the others, entry level. (Senns price puts it in Mid-Fi but sound is entry Imo) Try them out Guitar Center. I think the Limiter actually limits the output volume?I take it you're in the US since you are heading to GS, You can get the 80's on ebay for $169 I just bought another set like a week ago. Also if you have Paypal and open a credit line with Bill Me Later you get 6 months no...
The 250's always run cheaper, reason. The 80's out sale them by a large margin as the 80's can be used more easy with DAPS and home setups without the need for a big amp. The 250's need an amp to shine. So sellers price the 250 lower hoping they can get more sales.
Seems like the DT770 will fit the bill. It has the smoothest treble out of the three (770,880,990), The 880 is the most balanced of the bunch. But for Rnb/Rap type music the 770 would be a better match. Deeper Bass. 558/598 you'll be wanting more in the low end, they have decent Bass but it is very small. Not hard hitting at all. The Senns are on the warmer side so they would pair well with the Schiits but like I said you'll want more low end. Not sure on the 701's,...
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