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Well since I'm still thinning out the heard I thought I'd let my backup set go. These have been used for about 5 mins and have been stored in my garage ever since. So basically brand new. I'll also toss in a Monster Icable (Real from Best Buy $20). The icable is a little cheaper on Amazon but you take the chance on getting a fake one. MANY fakes. It's 7ft and easier to use then the Stock coiled cable.I'll also toss in a set of M50 pads. These have hardened a little, I...
My picks have been mentioned but I'll add my thoughts anyway. Overrated: M50 hands down. At their Retail point $150 they are outclassed by a few lower models. They are decent at $100. They became over rated by the Beats Crowd. Look at the old reviews and most people said average sound etc. But the Beat guys found out they were better, then they became the best thing ever. No they just sound better then Beats. Entry level headphones. Bad comfort, pesky highs, sucked out...
Not to take away from the OP sale but if you want a better sounding Amp at the same price:http://www.head-fi.org/t/671631/little-dot-mk-1-portable-amp-standard-edition-reduced#post_9853562http://www.head-fi.org/t/284847/review-of-the-little-dot-mk1-portable-headphone-amplifierEveryone is on the C&C express train but they think it's a new amp, wrong in fact it is just a C&C Box in a new case.http://www.head-fi.org/t/220596/the-c-c-box-sexy-pictorialLook for the reviews in...
There was a thread (Somewhere) about these awhile ago. I don't think they are out yet? But there is a seller on ebay from China who is importing them right now for $185, A little too steep for taking one for the team. I know list price is around $135 or so, might be best to wait for the official roll out, at least price wise.
YES, for me at least. But the 225 is the sweet spot in the Grado Line up. If you've got the budget the first stop is 225, if you are low budget 80's.
I say both...LOLYou can never have too many headphones, here is a sample of mine http://www.head-fi.org/t/684031/i-c-fs-sennheiser-hd-558-slightly-used-adult-owned
Make sonic an offer on ebay, $118 shipped to your door. Save ya $11 bucks if you want a new one, Sorry Op to bust in your thread.
These are now SOLD to BEZMan, Sorry guys he paid first, Don't hate mail me
They cost a lot, but work perfect. This seller ships worldwide too..Check for other colors, I bought Black for minehttp://www.ebay.com/itm/MDRV-PURPLE-VELOUR-EARPAD-PAIR-FITS-ALLEN-HEATH-XONE-XD-53-XD2-53-XD253-EAR-PAD-/221193418193?pt=US_Replacement_Parts_Tools&hash=item338027b5d1
LOL, I'm 6'1 215 and have no problems with ear space. You should be ok, I have a bigger then average dome and I'm ok. I know Mal posted a pic of him wearing the Premiums but I can't find it. Edit: Damn that's a big link, but it will show you the size. Check out Mals collection, man I wish I was rich too...
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