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Looking for a D-2000 cable.  I'm sure someone who re cabled their's might have a spare laying around.  Not looking to spend top $ as I'll be cutting it down to 4 ft or so.  Just snagged another D1000 And I really like this cable on this set.  Can do a trade, some cash, whatever?
If you can get them for $350 I'd do it.  I'm kicking myself for selling mine off.  If you can believe it I paid $212 for a new set when I bought them.  Now used ones are hitting near $500.  Just crazy!!  They are good but not $500 good.  At $350 I think that's a fair deal.  Sometimes I've seen them slightly used in the for sale forum, under $300.  
Here we go again withan artist putting their name on a product.   We know how that turns out!!!
HA HA, you could do that as well. The stock ones are junk. Just don't snap a tab..LOL
I'm sure there's a video somewhere?  Simple really, If you look real close at the outside of the pads, you'll see small little tabs that are coming off of the housing. Just push the pads inwards carefully as not to snap any of the little tabs. Then just reverse to put them back on. I think there are like 10 tabs or so going around the pads/housing.  Very easy, just take your time so you don't snap a tab.
For your music taste, like mine. I'll toss out the HD 439, More bass then the 449 and a better mid, The 449 better in the treble tho: Plus the 439 comes stock with Velour's the 449 pads are cheap. Not that that matters..$99 for the 439.  Skip the M50's don't fall for it.  Much better cans at the same price or even cheaper. Hell the Cal does everything better, Bass, Mids' Highs and comfort. And is dirt cheap.
Joker is the man with the golden ear for sure but here's my take as an owner of them all. The 06 is Very mid forward, In your face Mids.  It lacks a Bass slam but it does Bass well but has no impact really. The Treble for my ears has a nice sparkle but just doesn't sound correct, or what I think should be correct. Don't get me wrong this IEM is Fantastic Really Really Great!!    Now the GR04 is basically the GR06 but MUCH more balanced sounding, but not as clear...
Don't count out the Vsonic GR 02 BE.  If budget minded?   I've used the GR 07 and they are PERFECT for your tunes.  To rich for my blood tho:)  
Source?, Music Taste, Etc?  Reason being I'm blowing out some as NEW IEMS in the for sale forum.  Not trying to pimp my sale, just letting you know if you see anything that intest's you?
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