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For your music taste, like mine. I'll toss out the HD 439, More bass then the 449 and a better mid, The 449 better in the treble tho: Plus the 439 comes stock with Velour's the 449 pads are cheap. Not that that matters..$99 for the 439.  Skip the M50's don't fall for it.  Much better cans at the same price or even cheaper. Hell the Cal does everything better, Bass, Mids' Highs and comfort. And is dirt cheap.
Joker is the man with the golden ear for sure but here's my take as an owner of them all. The 06 is Very mid forward, In your face Mids.  It lacks a Bass slam but it does Bass well but has no impact really. The Treble for my ears has a nice sparkle but just doesn't sound correct, or what I think should be correct. Don't get me wrong this IEM is Fantastic Really Really Great!!    Now the GR04 is basically the GR06 but MUCH more balanced sounding, but not as clear...
Don't count out the Vsonic GR 02 BE.  If budget minded?   I've used the GR 07 and they are PERFECT for your tunes.  To rich for my blood tho:)  
Source?, Music Taste, Etc?  Reason being I'm blowing out some as NEW IEMS in the for sale forum.  Not trying to pimp my sale, just letting you know if you see anything that intest's you?
Being Budget-FI,  I still Rock my Denon AHD 1000's straight out of my 3rd gen Touch via E11, It works and sounds damn good to these old ears. Right now as I type, A MN+ Needle Drop of Budgie -Bandolier, up next  Original UK press of Wishbone Ash -Argus Then I might harden it up a little with some Fates Warning- Still haven't made up my mind tho-either No Exit, Inside Out or Parallels, I'm leaning Inside Out...LOL
I'm sure everyone has had or heard these as they have been on the market for years and years. So I got a few Best Buy cards for Christmas and said why the hell not, last week they were $20 shipped so why not. I was buying a HD439 anyway so I just added em on my order. Now I had these WAY back and remembered at the time I thought they were quite nice.   As you know the build is really good for a cheapo set. The main thing is the pads are crap but here's where it...
Dang, you would really have to hear the Pioneers before you bought them. They are not cheap.  $350 at Best Buy for the HDJ 2000.  I was over there today doing a Can search with my son.  He picked up the Koss DJ100 for $80. After we did a massive listen session.  The Pioneers might have the best build quality of any DJ can I've ever seen. It's made of Some space age Metal. No Crap, It might be Titanium or something. But it's light and comfy. One thing that got me was the...
No, just saying I was to late and everyone who made it on the deal, You guys Blow!!!  LOL, Great buy fella's, and chics too!!!
I just got an email stating " You all Suck" Like I needed another set of cans anyway..HAHA
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