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Why not just get the HD428 instead of the 449, they sound exactly the same? And are most of the time $80 or so less in price. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sennheiser-HD428-DJ-Stereo-Headphones-/350505892265?pt=US_Headphones&hash=item519bc779a9 I just bought another set for beaters and they were in fact still sealed in the retail package, not Refurbs at all. $24.99 shipped to my door.
Yeah Dr. Meier is having a great sale on the 2Stepdance right now. $100 or so off normal price for outside EU, I've got my eye on the Rock tho Great amps!!!
Look into some Meier Products. Not talked about to much lately as the FOTM's have come into play. The Meiers are some of the best sounding Amps I've heard or used, Those you mentioned above aren't even in the same bracket audio wise. Hell my recently bought Corda XXS makes the C5 and all Fiio offerings sound like toys. Meiers $250-300 dollar range portables make many desktops sound bad at even much higher price ranges, They're excellent, look at the older...
Just another Takstar Rebrand, looks like it anyway
Yes that's the only bad thing about the M50 pads. They do get hard. You can use skin lotion to keep them soft...LOL,I'm serious, just rub the lotion on the skin, I'm mean pads. LOL...Just use a little, rub it in let it dry. They will stay soft..I know it sounds nasty but it works. Plus lotion won't hurt your skin like a leather softener would, since it's close to your skin.
Yes please post a better headphone then the Beyers for $150 US...I have to see this too..
Yes the Cal And Denon are basically the same set of cans. Basically, The differences, the Cals Cups are two pieces, the Denon is a single mold. The headband is different, The Cal is a solid band where the Denons have a wider pad at the top, Better padding. The cable is different as well, The Cal has that cheaper rubber and the Denon is better, Rubber as well but the plug is much higher quality. Also the pads are different, both the same size, but the Cal is a little...
I think Tdock mentioned something about some holes inside the drivers being different depths. Got me I haven't did a side by side. Here's my take, its the cable on the 200's. Since it's removable it changes the sound. Yep, I'm not a cable believer but these cans you can tell plain as day. I have the 100's and TBSE (Basically the 200), and side by side the TBSE are brighter with less bass. Doesn't matter on the pads used, they just are brighter. Best thing to do is replace...
5. email customer service or call
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