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Buy a MAC, I'm serious!!   My audio out makes the Beyers come to life, amp less.  No but seriously, Most people really do need an amp to make the Beyers shine.  I'm lucky as my MAC has a rebranded Wolfson Dac built in under Apples own name + It has enough output to RAWK!!!  The old saying that SOURCE matters is really true.  Look into getting a cheap little amp, maybe a E10 as mentioned above.   What's your budget etc?  There are even better options but the E10 and some EQ...
Oh I see, I thought you were local (US), yeah shipping has started to blow. It's $36 just to start. What a load of stuff. I used to mail stuff overseas and it was like $20 for heavy packages. The postal service really is getting crazy.
I'd skip the Fiip personally, they are basically entry level toys (IMO) after you try better amps you'll get the same feelings. They are great if on a budget tho. The Schitt stack is $200 and much better. I know that doesn't help you much but for my money the Magni/Modi is the way to go. Now if you need portable I know JDS Labs is coming out with a Dac/Amp combo at $250 here soon. My recommend for an all in one Dac/Amp hands down is the Meier Audio PcStep. I know that's...
Best Buy only sells the 250ohm
wth, board keeps double posting!!
Yeah, you're right. The C5 at it's point is great. OP didn't put a price so I just tossed out a great amp to look. Maybe the new C5D vs. the PcStep shootout will be in order
I'll Chime in as I own all three Beyers. The above poster hit on the 990's so I'll focas on the 80's/250's. For me the difference isn't as big as most people make them out to be, They are so close to the same sound you really have to a/b and then it becomes nit-picking. The 250 is a little more balance sounding, slightly. A lot of people say they are V-Shaped, Not really, now the 990's are for sure. The 80's might have a tad more Bass, slightly. For me they are actually...
New Posts  All Forums: