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Yeah, you're right. The C5 at it's point is great. OP didn't put a price so I just tossed out a great amp to look. Maybe the new C5D vs. the PcStep shootout will be in order
I'll Chime in as I own all three Beyers. The above poster hit on the 990's so I'll focas on the 80's/250's. For me the difference isn't as big as most people make them out to be, They are so close to the same sound you really have to a/b and then it becomes nit-picking. The 250 is a little more balance sounding, slightly. A lot of people say they are V-Shaped, Not really, now the 990's are for sure. The 80's might have a tad more Bass, slightly. For me they are actually...
Meier Corda Quickstep, Better then both mentioned. Dead Silent, Build, Size, Runs off 9V Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries, (Gets massive run time)(No cheap internal battery that can't be user replaced) The most neutral amp I've ever heard, Massive Soundstage,Gobs of Power as well...Not taking away from the C5, but it's in the Fiio Grouping, and the Meier is in the Pico/Ray Samuels Group.The Corda 2Stepdance is another to check out.http://www.meier-audio.homepage.t-online.de/
You beat me to it They really are the end all amp. XXS going strong for 6 years, I'm thinking of going to the Quickstep, But I'm going for the JAZZ first.
Look into some Meier Products, Deadly Black background..Just fantastic amps.. I've used different ones over the years and still keep the old XXS just because it is SO good. Take a look at the Quickstep http://www.meier-audio.homepage.t-online.de/
Yeah maybe, But really if you look at it, Hd 428 cost $24.99 free shipping, The 419 cost me $31 free shipping, 439 cost $45 +$5 for shipping (Refurb), the $558 cost $110 shipped, 598 cost me $149.99 +tax at Frys, 650 I paid around retail about 4 years ago.      Koss DJ100, on sale for $70, TBSE was $52, The Cals cost me $80 for 3 sets new shipped (A few weeks ago) I paid $140 for my DT/80's I scored my 250's for $100, 990's cost me $130, Denon 1001 I paid full retail $150,...
I say no, the 449 is $80 more and like I said they sound so much alike, Not to judge by graphs but just look, the 429 is actually a tad smoother at least from Sub-Mid Bass until the Mids, The 449 is a little crisper in the top end. But side by side, the difference is really small. IMO the 449 is the worst buy in the 400 series, as a Refurb 558 is cheaper as well. 
High end as in what? I already have 558/598/650 DT770 & 990 Denon D2000, Yeah not high end really, but I'm fine with these. I've tried other cans and I don't like them, Shures,AKG etc...As far as selling off some of the lower ends, I do time from time.But if you look they cost under $100 or so and that is chump change too me at least. The low end Senns cost less then $40, anyone can pick them up themselves. I sale say a $20 HD428 and shipping is $12 cheapest or $36...
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