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Rocketfish, @ BESTBUY   $5 :)
There is NO good quality headphone in this range that will give you good Bass.  Yeah you can easily get some "Beat" type tubby bloated mess in this range. You need to add about $50-100 More to get something that will be Good-Great Bass.   There are only a handful of phones in this price range that are Really good.  The Koss DJ100 and Cal are the best, Handsdown!!! You really have to be in the $100-200 range to get a decent set.  The thing with the Koss and Cal, They...
I think the Beyer DT770/80 have more then the Denon D600.  Even Coming out of the Matrix M-Satge the Beyers have WAY too much bass. I couldn't stand it. Massive Bass, Sucked out Mids and SiZZZZZZZZLE treble.  They are gone!!!!  But if you want bass Beyers for sure.   Cue up the Tough Gong remaster of Buffalo Soldier (BoB Marley) On those Beyers I Dare you!!!!!    You'll Crack your jaw!!!
I'd say not Refurb from Denon. These thing were rode hard and put away wet.  A factory Refub looks like you just opened it out of the package. Either way, The cups were all I needed. The speakers were totally fine, They look brand new, the cable was the problem. It looked like swiss cheese.  Some hard usage for sure. So after I did a serious deep clean on the cups and speakers. I had a basically brand new headband off a silver set, I added these cups, Replaced the...
here you go.  I have NO idea why these haven't been snagged up yet?????
  This guy knows the answer my friend!!!
Nothing really to add.  For me Audirvana Free works pretty good.  The + is WAY too bright and really doesn't give a pleasing Analog (Warm) sound.  $75 bucks is not worth it IMO, when the free features are just about the same as the +..Just a few things missing. If the free had the use of .Cue it would be perfect...But it is FREE.   If you just want a standalone player, I'd say grab the FREE it is the best sounding Free player for sure.  If you need the whole Itunes...
Best $30 you've spent on gear, Eh?  
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