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  This guy knows the answer my friend!!!
Nothing really to add.  For me Audirvana Free works pretty good.  The + is WAY too bright and really doesn't give a pleasing Analog (Warm) sound.  $75 bucks is not worth it IMO, when the free features are just about the same as the +..Just a few things missing. If the free had the use of .Cue it would be perfect...But it is FREE.   If you just want a standalone player, I'd say grab the FREE it is the best sounding Free player for sure.  If you need the whole Itunes...
Best $30 you've spent on gear, Eh?  
http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=108&cp_id=10823&cs_id=1082302&p_id=8323&seq=1&format=2   Really hard to get a " Decent" Phone at $40...Your options are really limited for a full-size set. The Mentioned JVC are on ears.   You really have to find a deal, You could always look into a Sennheiser HD 419/28/39  The HD 439 being most likely the best for your needs, Full over ear/Velour Pads  2 cables 1 4ft.-1 10ft...But these will be TOP of your...
  MOFI NAILED this release, This thing sounds AMAZING!!  One of the top MFSL's for sure, and that's saying a lot.   Marantz CD5004>Matrix M-Stage W/LT1364>Koss DJ100 Yeah that's right, $50 headphones in the chain but they sound AWESOME in this set up :)   If you were Blind you think you'd have $500 cans on your noggin' :)
message sent!
I have more then one " Best Deal"  AHD-2000 New on sale back in 2010 for $160 Another would be Refurb 558 for $105 ( the going rate) Which IMO, hard to beat at $100 Clams. BUT the BEST deal ever HANDS down is the TBSE for $49.99 from Tuesday Mornings   Yeah, I know these aren't really deals as they are the going rates, But the cash you really won't find better sets at the same price range, You have to go up into the $300 range to get something better. Trust me...
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