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Thanks for agreeing Hope to never hear such whining again...It gets old after a while, you understand.
And yet you won't stop beating a dead horse due to your disagreement with Audeze. Funny. The changes(if there were any) have already been made. We get it, you can't recommend them to your pals. Sorry to hear that, and thanks for sharing.
 Thank you. The last time I spoke out on this issue was...several months ago? Holy cow..... What's the point of this anger anyway? To dissuade others from buying Audeze? Get over yourselves and let others judge whether or not they'd like to purchase these products. From a "fairness" standpoint, if you already own the classic model, you obviously felt it was worth its asking price in the first place. Let me re-emphasize, the Fazors add a different sound quality, not...
 And chances are, there'll be two others to take his place who prefer the new models over the old.
Precisely. Or outright return the thing. If the sound signature is obviously not your cup of tea, then look elsewhere.
 Any news for Gungnir/Bifrost upgrades derived from the Yggdrasil? 
I don't think the HE-500 is $300 better, but at the same time, it's not overpriced at all. If anything, the HE-400 at $299 is just insanely undervalued (it was already a steal at its previous price point). I ultimately preferred the 500 in the long run for its more balanced signature, but I had a lot of fun with the 400 as well and would have no qualms with owning one again.
So I've found myself in a bit of a pickle. Let's get one thing straight: I adore the Mjolnir sound. But I've been moving around a lot more than I anticipated, so portability has increasingly become a priority, and that is where the amp falls short. So I'm looking for a viable replacement!   Here is my current set-up: Schiit Gungnir --> Mjolnir --> LCD-3   Here's what I'm looking at for a future build: Yulong DA8 (smaller form factor than the Gungnir) --> ????? -->...
 How's the power output on that Conductor? One of my favorite things about my current set-up (Mjolnir) is how I barely need to turn the dial (around 10 o clock) for a substantial volume. 
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