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 Why I tossed 'em aside and use Portapros with my Clip+.
 Which is why I wanna get Sportapros for the drivers and stick the KSC35 drivers from the Sportapros in the UR40 enclosure so I can see how a full-sized circum-aural version of my Portapros sounds compared to the stock Portapros. :D
Portapros are epic headphones at $40, I have a pair and love them to death. Sportapros are just a cheaper, more modern variant of the Portapros.
25th-anniversary Portapro headband would look pretty cool with KSC75 drivers.
The Portas are comfortable enough to me with the stock earpads, especially with the ComfortZone set to "light." and I'm not sacrificing sound quality either.
I switched to using a 19-yr-old Compaq RT101 keyboard that I had sitting around recently, and it's my fave rubberdome board. Sounds epic and feels nice to type on, and is built rather well vs. my Microsoft Natural Elite board.   Basically, it's one of the better rubberdome boards, using this type of dome...
I have the Clip+ and love it.
Nope. Did set up vanilla Arch successfully in Vbox though. Desktop in use in this screenshot is Xfce with the dual-panel config and the Ambiance Crunchy Blue theme with Malys-Uniblue icons.  
How would Grados or MDR-V6s work for gaming? A little curious there.
Which basically makes the Sportapros the modern equivalent to the Portapro Jrs in a way, with the exception of the ability to convert them to behind-the-neck.
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