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The V6 twins and the CD900ST are worth a mention, if utilitarian is your thing. The V6 twins. The CD900ST.
KSC75s will easily fit in the Portapro/Sportapro headband too, and I get great results in practice with this mod, but Portapro/Sportapro/KSC35 drivers will easily fit in the UR40 enclosure.
Recently ditched my MATE config for E, and got its configuration finalized. Theme in use is the default Dark ETK theme + the matching e-gtk-theme for GTK apps + Azenis icons. Ditched Guake for Terminology and I'm also trying Midori out for a browser for a while in place of FF. Wallpaper is a Mustang SVO photo I found on image search.            
Bobby Prince - 'Dark Halls' - DooM OST (SNES).  
My enclosure cost $0 because it was already at hand.
Yep. Actually, when you open up a pair of UR40s, you'll find that its drivers and the Portapro drivers use the exact same shell design. Driver internals are slightly different, but externally, the only difference is the shell color.   Basically, swapping the stock drivers in UR40s for KSC35/Sportapro/Portapro drivers is really easy, take the housing plate off, cut the wire guides down the middle so you can stick them on the Portapro drivers' cable, take the thick foam...
+1, stuck my Portapro drivers in my UR40 headband after the stock UR40 drivers became unusable due to a bad plug, and love the results of that swap.
 The drivers are interchangeable, KSC35/Portapro/Sportapro drivers fit in the UR40 enclosure, KSC75/50/55/UR40/KTXPro1 drivers fit the Portapro/Sportapro headband, and vice versa, and I stuck the Portapro drivers in the UR40 headband, with the back opened up, and they sound great and are comfortable as well.
Portapro drivers + UR40 enclosure - the thick foam covering the UR40 enclosure's wire mesh back. That combo is giving me great results so far.
 No, it's quite easy to swap out, and it's compatible with Portapro/Sportapro/KSC35 drivers and with KSC75 drivers, moved my Portapro drivers from the Portapro headband to the UR40 enclosure, and I'm loving the results so far.
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