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I own both. Here's my impression:   HD598 destroys in all categories except for quantity of bass.
My Brainwavz B2 are close to dead now, and although they were nice, the signature was just not for me. I listen to many genres; rock, EDM, trailer, instrumental, D&B, dance, you name it. After trying out various different IEMs and headphones, I'm become more sensitive to sibilance, little to no sub-bass and recessed mids. I guess I'm looking for a warmer pair of IEM (or headphone) with full sounding mids, good impact (more than the B2, maybe around the 9927, but to or less...
I think everyone's favorite answer for you would be the Ultrasone HFI-580 (or 780 for a less bassy but more balanced set).  
By any chance have you tried out the HiFiMan RE400, and if you have, how would you compare it to the Brainwavz B2 and MH1C?
If you had to compare the RE400, GR01 and the MH1C in terms of soundstage, sibilance, bass, and fullness, which one would take the cake in each of these catagories?
I personally would not upgrade from the HD 558 to the HD 598. Even though I favor it more, the difference is too small to consider purchasing. You may even consider using both as a bonus, since the HD 558 has a bit more bass than the HD 598 so it sounds better with electronic music. You can use your HD 558 for more bassy music, while use the HD 598 for everything else. That being said, since you ordered it, there's almost no going back, unless you plan on returning them,...
Assuming I use the Polk PSW10 which has a line in RCA jack, I can basically do this without skimping out in audio quality, nor following a Xonar DG to Subwoofer to Speaker configuration like a normal 2.1 system with an amp would:  
I actually found this from another post: You mean like this (though my Y-splitter for my speakers use a TRS)? If I compare the Xonar DG > Subwoofer > BX5 D2 bypass to this, is there going to be a major difference between Xonar DG > BX5 D2 & Subwoofer?
Assume this is how the panels of the subwoofer, speakers, and sound card look like:   Can someone draw out a diagram of how to connect these, and what kind of wires are required? I do not plan on using A/V receivers or amps. Assume that the subwoofer I am using is the one in the photo, and not one like the M-Audio SBX10. I have the BX5 D2 and the Xonar DG purchased, but not the subwoofer, so if you have an easier alternative (like a subwoofer with an RCA input and...
He has a point about the average Beats consumer purchasing them for the fashion and the upgraded quality compared to the free earbuds that come with your phone. I would have to agree with most of what he said. I had a friend who was was contemplating whether or not to purchase a pair of Beats or Bose QC3s (at that time, we thought that Bose was the true audiophile headphones). Ultimately, fashion over sound.   I personally do not find Beats fashionable (in a classy...
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