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Back on sale, never got around to selling them before :)
(I'm also sending this to FiiO's customer support, but figured I'd pick the brains of you guys in case anyone has experienced any similar issues :) )   Last night my E17/E09K combo stopped working, it was completely fine earlier in the afternoon but when I went to watch a movie later that night (the computer had not been turned off between these points) it wasn't playing audio through the usual channel I use (USB>docked E17>E09K>Hifi Amp via line-out). The E17 has also...
 I'm reluctant to comment on the fidelity of them for the reasons I've given in this post and previously, but I would say to my ears they seem relatively balanced, verging on warm. I did like the mids on them, vocals were nice and forward and were probably the only area of the spectrum I felt were satisfying compared to my over-ears. The low end seemed slightly north of neutral, extended well and had plenty of impact, but with the smaller soundstage they sounded a bit too...
Pretty much, I think I may just not be an IEM sorta guy. I'm going to try demoing a couple of the real high end universal IEMs that can be found around Birmingham, I know of places where I can at least try the K3003 and IE800, to gauge whether IEMs just aren't for me or if I'm just not spending enough, ironically I'm not sure which would be the worse outcome! I hope you enjoy your pair :D
 I think it's the vent for the dynamic driver, no impacts on comfort :)  A word of warning, I got a fair amount of hiss when using them with my DX50, with high gain producing the least hiss for some bizarre reason. Just thought I'd give you a heads up in case not having a black background would bother you [=
Hope everybody had a great Christmas :) I know I said I'd post impressions, but after a week of listening to the 3Xs I've decided I'm going to return them, and I try only to write about products I feel positive towards. I'm returning them for a couple of reasons;   A) The whole reason I wanted to purchase a pair of IEMs was to use at work during unsociable hours. Now I've found out my shifts line up with the store's opening hours and since I'll be interacting with...
Sorry for the lack of updates people, I got offered the job after the interview () and started training today. I'll try and get some impressions up tomorrow after a trip to The Hobbit, here's a couple of pics for now; [[SPOILER]]
Got mine today, writing up my impressions now so I'll post them when they're done. Initial thoughts are positive, definitely going to let them burn in before comning to any conclusions.
No worries! Enjoy, I loved my Amperiors before selling them, they're probably the pair I'll miss the most haha.
It's anodised :)
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