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Just got Tiësto's new album, Club Life, Vol. 2--Miami. Loving it on the M-80s + E17, can't wait to bump it on the M-100! 
    NOOOOOOO pick meeeeeeee!!   I'll admit, I didn't have to work very hard to "trash" my headphones, because my @pple earbuds were already broken--the cable was coming apart at the junction, and the 3-button mic had long ago ceased transmitting signals to my iPhone. Plus, it was tangled so bad that I didn't even try to un-knot it, I just pulled a bit and the sheath came loose and bunched up in a mess. My comment on V-MODA's page was , "Got kevlar? Some don't."   I...
Sorry to hear it, mate. All the best in finding new employment.  
And then complain about how the screw broke loose on the headband?  Jk, jk...
  Thanks for the update!   So . . . far . . . away . . . 
Dude StarTacs were the best! I had one that would still be going strong today if it weren't for upgrades/obsolescence in analog cell technology.  
Awesome. I'll be living in Lost Angels (LA) then. Maybe I'll get an invite to a M-100 release party?!    
Really? Even with the cable connection on the left earcup? OOooohh...AAAhhhhh :) Neat-o complete-o.      
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