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First, I think you should take this feedback to the VAMP thread; Val or others who are familiar with the product might respond there.   Second, I cannot understand how you can say that the product won't be worth a certain amount if you've never heard it. Maybe you mean that you won't pay $900 for a m-100/VAMP combo, but that's not the same as the product not having a $600 value. From the VAMP thread, it certainly seems like it's a top notch product. Also, your speculation...
Nice, dude! (And a little creepy, too, lol) I totally see a whole Roman soldier thing going least I think that's what you were after. Reminds me of the movie Gladiator, one of my all-time favorites! Like this: If that's not what you intended, then oh well, it's still cool.
Presign-ME-up!!   *edit* It's insane to me that this thread has nearly 1500 posts for being about a product that isn't yet released! Compare with the M-80 thread that has only a couple hundred more posts... I think this product release is going to boost V-MODA to a new plane of existence here on Head-Fi and elsewhere!!
Hey thanks for bringing me back to the Convo :) I have pretty much stopped participating (but I still read all the posts) because I think I have said everything I want to about the M-100s, and now I'm just waiting for the release. I also like to pick up any tidbits from Val. Rock on, everyone.
How long have you owned them and worn them? Mine definitely needing some breaking-in over the first couple weeks (I wear them to walk to school and to do work at my desk, so ~2 hours/day for the first couple weeks). Now they're perfectly comfortable. Did a couple 3+ hour sessions over the past few days. Only get tight after the 3rd hour or so. 
Just got Tiësto's new album, Club Life, Vol. 2--Miami. Loving it on the M-80s + E17, can't wait to bump it on the M-100! 
    NOOOOOOO pick meeeeeeee!!   I'll admit, I didn't have to work very hard to "trash" my headphones, because my @pple earbuds were already broken--the cable was coming apart at the junction, and the 3-button mic had long ago ceased transmitting signals to my iPhone. Plus, it was tangled so bad that I didn't even try to un-knot it, I just pulled a bit and the sheath came loose and bunched up in a mess. My comment on V-MODA's page was , "Got kevlar? Some don't."   I...
Sorry to hear it, mate. All the best in finding new employment.  
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