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picky, picky...
Good going djSquared, you replied to Val's post on the M-80 thread and evened the score again. M-100 back in the lead!! (in my imaginary post counting game:)
HER MASTER'S NEW FAVORITE HEADPHONE AND AMP, THE M-100 AND VAMP!!! (yes I know I was shouting...that's how excited I am.)
At this point in the thread, I have to point out that you guys aren't talking about the M-100 at all, or else you're talking about it in a very roundabout way. Maybe there's no way to get back on topic because there's no news of the M-100...? It's funny how much of this thread has been speculation.   But the real reason I'm posting today is to have this thread take the lead over the M-80 thread for sheer number of posts. As it stands right now (before I submit my...
That's not odd; it's actually a very good question. As a standby answer, I'd say ask Val or email V-MODA support, and they'll give you the skinny. My guess would be that the real cost comes from the laser engraving (artist's rendering of your design, setting the specs, programming the laser, energy costs, time, etc.) rather than the cost of te shields themselves, so you'd probably pay just as much if you sent in your current shields.
First, I think you should take this feedback to the VAMP thread; Val or others who are familiar with the product might respond there.   Second, I cannot understand how you can say that the product won't be worth a certain amount if you've never heard it. Maybe you mean that you won't pay $900 for a m-100/VAMP combo, but that's not the same as the product not having a $600 value. From the VAMP thread, it certainly seems like it's a top notch product. Also, your speculation...
Nice, dude! (And a little creepy, too, lol) I totally see a whole Roman soldier thing going least I think that's what you were after. Reminds me of the movie Gladiator, one of my all-time favorites! Like this: If that's not what you intended, then oh well, it's still cool.
Presign-ME-up!!   *edit* It's insane to me that this thread has nearly 1500 posts for being about a product that isn't yet released! Compare with the M-80 thread that has only a couple hundred more posts... I think this product release is going to boost V-MODA to a new plane of existence here on Head-Fi and elsewhere!!
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