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This remark likely came as a result of my previous post, but I'd just like to say for the record that my post was in jest. I'm more than happy waiting for any available M-100, PPU or not. I've waited since last year, I've seen every post on this thread, and I try to keep the humor light around here. This is a headphone, people, not food, not shelter, not anything I actually need. A headphone. 
Maybe we can buy the PPUs in the order of who has participated in this thread longest? Starting with OP, then well, OP again because he posted twice in a row, and then..let's see...that would!    But seriously, folks...let's just all relax until Val decides to make a move.
Oooh, yeah, I called it!
Awesome, thanks! I've not heard it. I will definitely check it out.
One of my first songs will be "Mad Rush," by Philip Glass, off his Solo Piano album. One of he most moving piano solos I've ever heard. Followed up by "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik," by Outkast, then "Digital Love," by Daft Punk :)
Yeah, I've owned the LP, LP2, and now the M-80. The headband makes all the difference in comfort to me. With a few adjustments to the spring steel headband I could wear the LP2 for as long as my M-80 without fatigue or that little sore spot that develops on the top of your head after you've worn your cans too long. You know the one. I suspect the M-100 will be just as comfy.
Sorry man, but I was just joking about all that. It's my way of keeping myself entertained while waiting for Val & Co. to release the M-100. I was the second poster in this thread back on page 1, and I've read every post about the M-100 at least once. I've seen the thread devolve into speculation, competition (from myself included!), trolling, whining, begging, and everything else in between-- only to be pulled back to reality by photos, hints,  and updates from Val. I...
Can anyone say whether this headphone will sound like the M-50 or the Sony MDR-V6? Those are the two best, according to Amazon ratings. Also, will it have good base? One more thing, will it be noise-canceling? Thx. I really like Skullcandy Hesh and Beats, but after 3 pairs of each I want a new look. I'm not really buying for the sound...
mmmmmm....doubt it. He most likely means "buy up," or "upgrade," rather than the Immortal Life. 
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