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Me too!
Sweet, dude. Sweet Nice rug ;)   Oh, and the other feature?!   All I can say is,   BOOM!   You're gonna make a lot of folks happy with that one!
Original LP, with custom shields.
Yep, everyone who ordered them received them, but they've all been sent back because, no matter what music you played, the headphones only pumped out dubstep!!   Psych. Just kidding. No, they're not out yet, but check back a page or two to see Val's most recent update :)
E17 is very nice. Even with the already clear sounds and great soundstage of the M-80, the E17 just kicks everything else up a notch. Connected to my iPhone, the E17 does away with any hiss or muddiness.
Hardeehar Roma I know you and I have both been waiting for the M-100 since at least last year. I'm definitely antsy for their arrival. I bought the Fiio E17 on pre-order thinking the M-100 was sure to follow soon after. Oh well, M-80+E17 sounds amazing, and I've always been a circumaural-type guy, so I highly anticipate this can! Music is good. Life is good.
Oh, excuse me, I'm sorry...I didn't realize I had entered the HD-25/Amperior thread. Oh well, off to find the M-100 page!
Yep, email. I bought my M-80s and LP2 directly from V-MODA (tho I returned the LP2 when I heard V-MODA was working on the M-100--back in DECEMBER 2011!!) Needless to say, I'm stoked for the upcoming M-100 release =)   V-MODA's new contest. Check it out!!      
Oh, I know. I'm subbed to him. I was just having a hissy fit 
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