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Oh, excuse me, I'm sorry...I didn't realize I had entered the HD-25/Amperior thread. Oh well, off to find the M-100 page!
Yep, email. I bought my M-80s and LP2 directly from V-MODA (tho I returned the LP2 when I heard V-MODA was working on the M-100--back in DECEMBER 2011!!) Needless to say, I'm stoked for the upcoming M-100 release =)   V-MODA's new contest. Check it out!!      
Oh, I know. I'm subbed to him. I was just having a hissy fit 
762 unread posts, huh? You must have been gone, what, 3 days? A week? This discussion thread is ridiculous. I basically have perfected the skill of recognizing Val's avatar when I scroll down each page at high speed. That way I can read what I actually care about. Otherwise I have stopped reading other posts.
Just got an email from V-MODA with an order status change to: "Awaiting Shipment"   WOOT!
I just asked V-MODA customer care about whether the VTF-100 is ppu or not, and here's the response I got:   Here's the entire message:   (From me):  Hey guys, Head-fi member here (djsquared). You've no doubt been flooded with questions about the M-100 release, but I wonder if you could tell me whether the VTF-100 up for pre-order is the PPU Val has been talking about, or the actual production M-100? I just ordered one, and I was...
I certainly hope they're the PPUs. I want a signed VK shield and the extra cable swag. I've been waiting for these for a long time! My first ever post to head-fi was regarding the rumor of what might have been an M-100:
Just ordered mine! Matte black with Gunmetal shields and gray pads. Giggity.
absolutely. good suggestion, thanks. Here it is:
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