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Looks like an Allen Edmonds McAllister, but I cannot be certain. I wear a black Strand and walnut Sanford. Both great shoes.
I'd be happy to do some updates. I'm super busy and disconnected for the next few days (at my mom's, who was just diagnosed with the most advanced form of brain cancer). But I'll do an update soon. Maybe someone can PM me the links, and I'll post them in a day or two. Thanks. And send good thoughts my way...
Agreed. My E17 does very well desktop and portable.
Much as I'd like for this to happen, I think that scenario is about as likely as Craigster75 suddenly developing the patience of Job. I'm content knowing that we'll be some of the lucky few to receive these before almost any other consumer looking for the M-100.
I've been pairing my M-80s with my iPhone 4S or Macbook Pro and FiiO E17. Sweet sound and smooth like butter. That's actually the first thing I thought when I paired the E-17: smooth. It's nice. I can't wait to put it together with the M-100.
Hey all,   I bought these M-80s back in January (proof of purchase available), and have been super happy with them. I owned a pair of V-MODA LP2, which I returned because I wanted something a bit less bass-heavy, more neutral sounding. The M-80 does a great job with that. I am only selling these because I was able to pre-order the new V-MODA M-100, and as a student I cannot justify owning both. This M-80 sale will help finance the M-100 purchase!   I have only...
My 72-year old step-father rocks a pair of LP2s. It helps my mom keep her sanity when he listens to his music at high levels due to hearing loss. He says they sound great! He first learned about V-MODA from seeing/hearing my M-80s, which he loved, but he wanted over-ear cans. My mom surprised him with a pair of LP2s. His hearing loss comes from working below-decks in the engine rooms on Navy ships back in his youth.
Val, I'm with you on this. I'd love to have your personal a-ok before they come my way. As excited as I am to receive the M-100, I'm more stoked that you're even willing to give each unit a listen. That shows incredible dedication to your art (as if we didn't already know). Do your thing.
I ordered matte black M-100 with gunmetal--I loved the look on the LP2 for the short while I owned them (returned to V-MODA 'cause I heard about M-100). I'll post pics when they arrive!
AWWWWWW SNAP!   Dude this just made my hump day.   I said it back in January in post #10 to this thread, and I think it's worth repeating here and now:   "All things being equal, and aside from SQ, the things that I love about V-MODA headphones-- and the things that keep me hyped for new releases such as the M-100--as opposed to, say, going for the HD 25 Amperior-- are the detachable, kevlar coated cables; iDevice-compatible 3-button mic; ; 45-degree plug; beautifully...
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