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Mine was the same: August 16; matte black. *fingers crossed* Hopefully they'll ship soon!
The only resentment I worry will develop is Val's. He's endured so much whining about release dates and begging for freebies on this thread that I will be surprised if he chooses to go down anything like a similar path with future products like Revolver. Frankly, I wouldn't blame him for keeping his work close to the chest from here on out. As much as I look forward to the release of the M-100, the entitled, self-centered attitudes in some posts on this thread make me...
edit--moved a personal story to a PM. Back to on-topic posts about the up-and-coming M-100!
Looks like an Allen Edmonds McAllister, but I cannot be certain. I wear a black Strand and walnut Sanford. Both great shoes.
I'd be happy to do some updates. I'm super busy and disconnected for the next few days (at my mom's, who was just diagnosed with the most advanced form of brain cancer). But I'll do an update soon. Maybe someone can PM me the links, and I'll post them in a day or two. Thanks. And send good thoughts my way...
Agreed. My E17 does very well desktop and portable.
Much as I'd like for this to happen, I think that scenario is about as likely as Craigster75 suddenly developing the patience of Job. I'm content knowing that we'll be some of the lucky few to receive these before almost any other consumer looking for the M-100.
I've been pairing my M-80s with my iPhone 4S or Macbook Pro and FiiO E17. Sweet sound and smooth like butter. That's actually the first thing I thought when I paired the E-17: smooth. It's nice. I can't wait to put it together with the M-100.
Hey all,   I bought these M-80s back in January (proof of purchase available), and have been super happy with them. I owned a pair of V-MODA LP2, which I returned because I wanted something a bit less bass-heavy, more neutral sounding. The M-80 does a great job with that. I am only selling these because I was able to pre-order the new V-MODA M-100, and as a student I cannot justify owning both. This M-80 sale will help finance the M-100 purchase!   I have only...
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