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I ordered the Matte M-100, but it looks from all the unboxings that it will not come with an iPhone-compatible 3-button speakeasy cable. Am I wrong about this? I used my M-80 three-button all the time. Any androiders out there want to trade an orange one-button for a black or gray three-button speakeasy? If not, I'll just buy one from I know, I know: this request should be in the For Sale/Trade forum. But it will probably not get half as many views as it will...
I beg to differ. I amped my M-80 with an E17 and custom LOD to my iPhone 4S, did a little eq'ing for increased bass levels, and was super happy with the results in the song below. The M-80 can handle subbass just fine, but it's just not tuned to overly emphasize it.  
That's pretty cool.
Val-- First, I LOVE the saying "V the people," or even "V-Moda is of the people," as the deli owner said. Second, I am a big Mitch Hedberg fan. Kudos on the apropos quote. And last, thanks. I've said it before, and I'll say it again now: I have followed the M-100 since its first whispered rumor on these internets some 12 months ago, and I am stoked they're almost on their way. I haven't yet seen my order status changed to 'shipped,' but I am not worried. I ordered the...
Mine was the same: August 16; matte black. *fingers crossed* Hopefully they'll ship soon!
The only resentment I worry will develop is Val's. He's endured so much whining about release dates and begging for freebies on this thread that I will be surprised if he chooses to go down anything like a similar path with future products like Revolver. Frankly, I wouldn't blame him for keeping his work close to the chest from here on out. As much as I look forward to the release of the M-100, the entitled, self-centered attitudes in some posts on this thread make me...
edit--moved a personal story to a PM. Back to on-topic posts about the up-and-coming M-100!
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