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This is always one of the first tracks I play when I want to test headphones for hip-hop playability. No vocals, but all other aspects are there. 'specially dat bass. Wooooo!
Yeah it is! Nice work all around, Val. Listening now to So Fresh, So Clean on my M-100...  Definitely fresh and clean sound :)
  Funny. I just watch Iron Man 2 yesterday. I wonder if anyone else out there with M-100's has finished out the rest of the Avengers?   I think they do a great job with movies and t.v. shows. I have watched a few episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and the background station hum is noticeable but not distracting. Action sounds great, as does dialogue.
I'm the second poster, third post on this thread, and I've been pretty active all along. I continue to check the thread daily. I can edit my original post with updated info. I don't have time right now--today--to make a large substantive edit, but if you want to do it and PM it to me, then I will cut and paste it (with credit to you) on my post on the first page.
Not sure I agree with Sound and Vision mag on this tiny point   "The M-100 sounds so good — and is so easy to carry around — that I could imagine it covering most headphone needs for most people, even serious personal audio aficionados, aside from those folks who need more overwhelming bass (and who — if they want V-Modas — might be better served by an M-80 or LP2)."   The M-100's bass is, to my ears, oh so much sweeter than the M-80's. I always found myself...
I have an orange one-button speakeasy cable (from my matte M-100) for trade for a gray or black 3-button speakeasy cable. The cable is kevlar-coated to survive 1,000,000+ bends. It has a separate microphone and one-button remote control. Lightly used for about 10 hours.   Cable I have:   Cable I'd like: or similar (for use with iDevices)   I would...
Ok, I [officially] have an orange one-button speakeasy cable (from my matte M-100) for trade for a gray or black 3-button speakeasy cable.   Cable I have:   Cable I'd like:   I'll also post on the For Sale/Trade forum, but I thought I'd also x-post here in case there are any V-MODA owners looking for a trade.   Thanks.
Listening to mine now!!   Started with Philip Glass Mad Rush. Moved to Sonny Rollins, You Don't Know What Love Is. Then switched to Outkast, Aquemini, and now on to Southernplayalisticadillacmusik.  In a word--DOPE. I can post up more detailed impressions later.   Homer would say, "Can't talk...eating." Right now, I would say, "Can't talk...listening!"  
Page 500! This thread is off the hook.
Is that a ZX-14? Or Concours?
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