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Ok, I [officially] have an orange one-button speakeasy cable (from my matte M-100) for trade for a gray or black 3-button speakeasy cable.   Cable I have:   Cable I'd like:   I'll also post on the For Sale/Trade forum, but I thought I'd also x-post here in case there are any V-MODA owners looking for a trade.   Thanks.
Listening to mine now!!   Started with Philip Glass Mad Rush. Moved to Sonny Rollins, You Don't Know What Love Is. Then switched to Outkast, Aquemini, and now on to Southernplayalisticadillacmusik.  In a word--DOPE. I can post up more detailed impressions later.   Homer would say, "Can't talk...eating." Right now, I would say, "Can't talk...listening!"  
Page 500! This thread is off the hook.
Is that a ZX-14? Or Concours?
I ordered the Matte M-100, but it looks from all the unboxings that it will not come with an iPhone-compatible 3-button speakeasy cable. Am I wrong about this? I used my M-80 three-button all the time. Any androiders out there want to trade an orange one-button for a black or gray three-button speakeasy? If not, I'll just buy one from I know, I know: this request should be in the For Sale/Trade forum. But it will probably not get half as many views as it will...
I beg to differ. I amped my M-80 with an E17 and custom LOD to my iPhone 4S, did a little eq'ing for increased bass levels, and was super happy with the results in the song below. The M-80 can handle subbass just fine, but it's just not tuned to overly emphasize it.  
That's pretty cool.
Val-- First, I LOVE the saying "V the people," or even "V-Moda is of the people," as the deli owner said. Second, I am a big Mitch Hedberg fan. Kudos on the apropos quote. And last, thanks. I've said it before, and I'll say it again now: I have followed the M-100 since its first whispered rumor on these internets some 12 months ago, and I am stoked they're almost on their way. I haven't yet seen my order status changed to 'shipped,' but I am not worried. I ordered the...
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