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Sorry I missed you!
Hey all,    Selling my lightly-used E17 Alpen USB DAC/Amp. I've used it less than 20 hours total. It's practically new. I recently moved, and can't find the felt bag or rubber bands that came with the amp, but I still have the mini-USB cable and 3.5 to 3.5 mm cable, both unused because I used a special iPhone cable.    The amp works perfectly. I've had a screen protector over the screen since the unit was opened.    Selling this unit for $85, including USPS flate...
Price reduced to $225 or best offer. Thanks. 
They're great cans, almost new condition. Just looking for an on-ear replacement like XS (hell, I'd barter for an ipad!). 
I just posted my early-edition M-100s (VTF-100) for sale on the For Sale forum. Check 'em out!
Hey all,    I'm selling my first-gen V-MODA M-100, which originally went by the moniker VTF-100 when they were first available. I participated from the very beginning in the discussion that became the M-100 thread, which you can see here:  Mine is the 3rd post in the thread, which now has over 1400 pages and 21100 posts! As soon as the headphones were made available for pre-order, I...
Yes, the cable is still available. I sent you a PM. Let me know if you'd like to trade or buy. Thank you!  
Hey everyone, I have an orange one-button speakeasy cable that came with my M-100s, but I mostly use an iPhone, so I really miss not having volume control. Do any M-80 owners here use have a 3-button cable they'd like to trade? (see Jude's M-100 unboxing for the cable I have). I posted an ad in the FS/Trade forum about a month and a half ago, but it hasn't gotten much attention.   PM me if you have a 3-button cable to trade! Thx.
lol. Don't get lost in that thread!
I have no regrets buying these for $310. I had the M-80, and I much prefer the over-ear, collapsible design. The M-80 sounds great, but the M-100 wins in design, in my opinion.
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