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Add my $15 shipped Sennheiser CX150 to the list of inexpensive IEMs that provide better sound quality than the 8320. I bought three CX150 last year and gave two away as Christmas gifts. I opened and tried the third one myself last night, hoping for something that would maintain a good seal under my balaclava, since my MH1c and CX485 tend to get displaced fairly easily by the head gear. I was pleasantly surprised by how good they sound, easily besting the 8320. Even better,...
I find the stock tips to be pretty good, though fit undoubtedly varies from person to person.
My Sennheiser CX-485 and Audio-Technica ATH-CKM50 were both purchased for less than $25 and sound superior to the 8320. My HiFiMan RE-0 was a bit more expensive, but also sounds much better than the 8320. For mobile use, e.g., cycling, noisy environments, my Sony MH1c ($23 shipped) sounds considerably better than the Monoprice.
Personally, I don't find the 8320 to compare favorably, w/r/t sound quality, to my $20+ IEMs. To me it sounds like a $7 earphone, even with better tips and a good seal. So mileage varies. Caveat emptor.
I can hear down to 20 Hz (and a bit lower) without problem. Above 14 kHz is a different matter, since I'm old.
Any decent IEM should hit 20 Hz pretty easily; many will go lower.
Very true, but not really relevant to this thread.
I've always wondered how cyclists' feet get cold. I commute year round, typically wearing either skating shoes or running shoes (both pretty lightweight), wear regular cotton (not known to be a particularly good cold weather fabric) athletic socks, and can't remember my feet or toes ever getting cold while riding. My hands, yes, but never my feet.I'm not trying to say your feet shouldn't get cold or that you're somehow inferior because your feet can't handle cold temps....
That looks like CTIA. Perhaps someone else can confirm.
According to your link, that model has:Plug : Four-conductor 3.5 mm plug (OMTP)The MH1c uses the CTIA standard instead of the OMTP standard (according to the first post in this thread).
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