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Thank you! And yeah your blog is very cool, very different but good (I read a lot of blogs like yours, you'll find links to blogs like your interperced throughout my blog).  I'd love to hear your thoughts on improving my blog, and I'm always looking for contributers, so I would be more than happy to set you up as a contributer with posting rights if you're interested.  It's nice to get some fresh perspective!
I have a huge head and therefore am psyched about the huge headband!
I heard the same rumor, but innerfidelity aaid they are driven fine by ipods, and I very much trust innerfideltiy.
Is there a difference between the new black pioneer hdj-2000's and the normal ones?  And I am about to buy them, tried some out and was VERY impressed.
Never mind I fixed it, it just needed the cords to be better sandpapered and better screwed in.
I had the same problem with my turbines, and I just a couple hours ago bought a gold "EZ" jack from Radio Shack.  The jack is constructed in such a way so that you can screw the wires on instead of soldering them, but I'm confused about something.  The Turbine cord seems to have four smaller wires within- a red wire for the right ear, a blueish greenish wire for the left, and two copper wires, presumably for ground.  However, there are only three slots for wires in the...
ATH-M50 ATH-PRO700MK2 (not comfortable but otherwise great) Incase Sonic TDK Life On Record Headphones V-Moda Headphones PHILIPS CitiScape Downtown, Uptown, or Metro Bowers and Wilkins P3   Hope those suggestions help!
Thanks, that's really helpful! And I agree that they are extremely durable. I think I will do the following: a) Stretch them flat with clamps for a while and see if it helps b) buy ultrasone signature pro earpad replacements for my mk2s   And yes if you like headphones that clamp, have tons of bass, and can get louder than some cheap iHomes, the mk2s are great!
And Moon Audio said they couldn't help because it was too difficult to find a headband that fit the amplitude.  Not really sure why the amplitude would matter (you can pump as much electricity as you want through a piece of metal, right?) but whatever.
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