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ATH-M50 ATH-PRO700MK2 (not comfortable but otherwise great) Incase Sonic TDK Life On Record Headphones V-Moda Headphones PHILIPS CitiScape Downtown, Uptown, or Metro Bowers and Wilkins P3   Hope those suggestions help!
Thanks, that's really helpful! And I agree that they are extremely durable. I think I will do the following: a) Stretch them flat with clamps for a while and see if it helps b) buy ultrasone signature pro earpad replacements for my mk2s   And yes if you like headphones that clamp, have tons of bass, and can get louder than some cheap iHomes, the mk2s are great!
And Moon Audio said they couldn't help because it was too difficult to find a headband that fit the amplitude.  Not really sure why the amplitude would matter (you can pump as much electricity as you want through a piece of metal, right?) but whatever.
I replaced the earpads on my 700mk2s with M50 earpads and noticed very little difference, but stuffing the earpads with cotton balls significanty improved their comfort level.
The Pro700MK2 is not a particularly good headphone- it is sonically inferior to the m50s in all regards and very uncomfortable, IMO.  Don't waste your time or money.
I just started an audiophile photography blog,  If any of you want to contribute to it feel free to submit your photos! So far I only have pictures from other people on the internet.  
Yeah I don't want to stick my $200 dollar headphones in the stove, just me
I got some normal turbines for I think $60 on the Monster Outlet Store.  Check it out.  Go to the, and a thing saying outlet store will be near the bottom of the page.  Click it.  Te stuff is all refurbished but it's in good condition.  The plastic logo wrapper around the jack fell off of mine, but they still work, and anyways what sort of head-fi'er doesn't know how to fix a cord? :)
I have those headphones and I think the issue is more in the head-band than in the ear pads.  I replaced the earpads with m50 ones and it helped a bit, but the headphones are still way too tight.  I wonder if there is an easy way to take the headband off and put on a wider one?  Preferable one that adjusts from the center, like on the HD 700?  Also, if I was going to replace the earpads again, I think I might get some really nice ones, like Ultrasone Signature Pro...
I bought those exact ones, the fifty dollar ones on the monster outlet store website.  They sound decent- not as good as Sennheisers of the same price.  I like the bass- present but definitely not overwhelming.  However, the wire is not very good.  If you don't know how to sauter, don't buy these- if you do, buy them.  The noise canceling is superb and the sound good.  Hope that helps. Also, the construction of everything besides the wire is very good.
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