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Not to be that guy but what is a PM?   
They sound very good to me with an iPhone.  They sound better on a better device, but I can't hear the difference when I'm at school or in an airport or otherwise in 90% of the situations where I would use them with an iPhone anyways.  And they do isolate better than the fidelio l1.
Oh, and Pioneer, particularly the HDJ-2000 or HDJ-2000-K
So, for those of you at all interested, here is a screenshot.  Also, I never heard back from you guys who thought you wanted to co-run the blog.  Any of you still interested?
I loved the guide.  It was clear, concise, well written, open-minded, and actually interesting.  If you were to start compiling the most interesting news, announcements, and head-fi posts into a monthly or even bi-monthly magazine, I know I for one and probably many other people would be willing to pay $3 or $4 an issue to subscribe to it, even if I could find all the information for free online.  Opinions?
I own them now, so here is what I can tell you: Driven by an iPhone they are superb.  With an amp (I have a huge, handmade Harmen amp and preamp system, but I'm sure this is true with smaller, more portable rigs as well) they have better clarity, panning, and a more forward bass.  The bass is NOT huge, these are definately on the more neutral side of the "DJ" side of things.  However, a simple equalizer will fix that if you occaisionally want to turn up the bass and...
just right click it and then click "download linked file"
Oh and on rule 1 I mean if you post non-audiophile related stuff on MY BLOG.  I couldn't care less what your do on your blog.  Also, I forgot to mention another rule, which is no pics of crappy stuff, like skullcandy, unless it's an exception to the rule, like the skullcandy aviators.  Thanks!
Awesome, thanks guys!  And Tilbo, that is awesome, I am going to have to get re-blogging ASAP! Here are the general guidelines for anyone interested in posting on my blog: 1) I will add anyone but if you post non-audiophile-related stuff then I'll delete you from the member list 2) any type of audiophile content, whether it be review, photo, video, or even a really good song, is OK 3) I am looking for visually appealing audio stuff, because thie blog is about the...
I own and run the blog.  There is one follower who contributes photos of her audio collection on a moderately regularly basis, and she does this by clicking "submit" and submitting an image, or just clicking "ask" and telling me to check out her newest photo post, which invariably is very cool and I end up re-blogging.  So, you could contribute by clicking submit and submitting stuff, but a more convenient method for you might be to make a tumblr account and then I will...
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