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I have the HDJ-2000's as I see you do from the photo.  I'm sorry if you already answered this question, but how does the fidelio l1 compare with the hdj-2000?  
but tbh I mostly use my turbines with my iPhone  
I listened to the pros a bit and thought that the soundscaping/surroundsound/whatever you want to call it was not very good.  Besides that I pretty much just agreed with Tyl.  How do the beats you have seem in regards to surround sound?
Not to be that guy but what is a PM?   
They sound very good to me with an iPhone.  They sound better on a better device, but I can't hear the difference when I'm at school or in an airport or otherwise in 90% of the situations where I would use them with an iPhone anyways.  And they do isolate better than the fidelio l1.
Oh, and Pioneer, particularly the HDJ-2000 or HDJ-2000-K
So, for those of you at all interested, here is a screenshot.  Also, I never heard back from you guys who thought you wanted to co-run the blog.  Any of you still interested?
I loved the guide.  It was clear, concise, well written, open-minded, and actually interesting.  If you were to start compiling the most interesting news, announcements, and head-fi posts into a monthly or even bi-monthly magazine, I know I for one and probably many other people would be willing to pay $3 or $4 an issue to subscribe to it, even if I could find all the information for free online.  Opinions?
I own them now, so here is what I can tell you: Driven by an iPhone they are superb.  With an amp (I have a huge, handmade Harmen amp and preamp system, but I'm sure this is true with smaller, more portable rigs as well) they have better clarity, panning, and a more forward bass.  The bass is NOT huge, these are definately on the more neutral side of the "DJ" side of things.  However, a simple equalizer will fix that if you occaisionally want to turn up the bass and...
just right click it and then click "download linked file"
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