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you can make a decent amp for $60, like the CMoy.  
I had the EXACT same experience as you, I am yet to hear a single SOUL product that is at all good.  
I would like to see more uncommon headphones, like the hdj-2000, Incase Sonic, or woody's or other cans not many people know about.
But I've listened to all of the Beats models and the only one I liked at all was the Pro, and even that I thought was hugely overpriced.
I agree, I love my Turbines.  However, I think it's the beats by dre people talk crap about, not the other products- Jude loves Monster stuff, she talked about the teardrops in a video, and she added the miles davis trumpets and the earth, wind, and fire earbuds to the newest buying guide.  
I got the hdj-2000-k.  All black- about as sexy of a headphone as can be, beat only by the Fidelio L1 (depending on your taste).  Oh, and they sound fantastic.  
Oh ok gotcha.  Well to be fair, I made the blog in the vain hope that I could somehow use it to get free headphones.  Unfortunately I have been unable to find any headphone company PR departments lax enough to fall for my idea of "I'll photograph and review them on my blog," so as of yet the blog has been essentially worthless.  Which is why I want other people to do something with it, because maybe they can popularize it and I can reap in the benefits (free headphones).  
I have the HDJ-2000's as I see you do from the photo.  I'm sorry if you already answered this question, but how does the fidelio l1 compare with the hdj-2000?  
but tbh I mostly use my turbines with my iPhone  
I listened to the pros a bit and thought that the soundscaping/surroundsound/whatever you want to call it was not very good.  Besides that I pretty much just agreed with Tyl.  How do the beats you have seem in regards to surround sound?
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