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I actually like your blog a lot, it's very tastefully done.  
And I got my earbuds for half off on a buy one get one free deal by splitting the cost with a friend.  
I just got a pair of $50 TDK earbuds, they were called the c4-500 or something like that.  I thought they were surprisingly neutral but with really shrill highs and overpowering mids (not that common of a problem), but on the other hand a) the noise canceling was great, and b) on the back they said they were the lowest quality headphones on the scale of quality by TDK, so it's not as if I can accuse them of cheating me!  They warned me!  Anyways, I am interested to see...
 I am assuming this is a joke.  
haha yeah, by Gyl I meant Tyl, sorry! And I really have no idea why I confused you too.  
haha me niether  
I'm sorry, for some reason I thought you were Gil from Inner Fidelity?  Am I trippin, or did you just not remember the l1 and k550?  If you are Gil, then here is the review you wrote of the L1:   And here is your review of the k550:  
it degrades the sound isolation and maybe the bass a bit, but tbh the bass is so huge you would never notice it.  
I'm sorry for the comparison question as I have asked you this on maybe three different pages, so feel free to answer in just one location, but how do the HDJ-2000s compare to the Fidelio L1s and the AKG-K550?
The HDJ-2000 is a very good headphone, as is the Fidelio L1.  I own the 2000 and love it, and have never heard the L1 but know it is popular.  The 2000 is extremely rugged, as one reviewer put it, it's "built like a tank."  It is war and "forward" sounding but not really bass-y like audio technicas or something.  I like them a lot- I have the bllack ones, the hdj-2000-k.  They fold up smaller than the L1 and are probably tougher.  They definately have better isolation...
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