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I'd agree but I'd add the the Pioneers have other benefits, like being very well built, aesthetically pleasing, and super comfortable.  
I stretched mine over some speakers for a very long time and they are now loose enough, but they're still uncomfortable because of the crappy earpads, circular shape, and general construction.  At least in comparison to my hdj-2000-k.
Tyl took the earpads out, so with a but of technical skill you probably can too.  Then just replace them with some from another company- most earcups are about the same anyways.  
Awesome, thank you!  That's interesting by the way, since Beats owns Mog. I believe you, I'm just saying it's a bit weird.  
This is very cool!  I'll be buying most of the music discussed above soon. I have some classical music streaming apps on my phone.  Do you guys know if there are any music streaming applications out there that stream high-quality music files?
OK true, that was rude of me.  
Oh.  Haha guess I should pay more attention next time :)  
1) my favorite headphone (Pioneer HDJ-2000-K) is warm without being hugely bass-oriented.  The bass bump is present, but subtle enough to be more refined and sophisticated than almost any other DJ headphone.  The trick is that beat matching is more about the highs (snare) than the bass.  The bass is boomy on a lot of songs, so by beat matching by snare you can be more accurate, and also have headphones that sound good with a broader range of genres.  Have your cake and...
I'm in!
"which is the best headphone?" What sort of question is that?  the whole premise of Head-Fi is that there is no best headphone.  It's all about what you want to use the headphones for.  
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