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M50 is much better in every possible regard and still has plenty of bass.  DO NOT waste hard earned money on mk2.  Buy bass cans by audio techninca if you really need that sound but don't buy their dj models because they are horrible.
...except that the k550 is in a similar price range to the beats pro, so if he were to sell his beats at msrp he could get the k550
Where do you even get that?
I have to admit I only have three or four hours of listening experience with the Sonics.  Normally I would only have written the review if I really knew the headphones well, but nobody else had written much on these so I thought I should anyways.  Anyways, I would reccomend that people listen to postrock on this one, considering he/she has actually spent some considerable time listening to the Sonics.  Do consider though that the Sonics probably do not beat the pros in...
I like the new lines of cans by pioneer and akg a lot too and they clamp
Ok, good questions. The sonics are extremely well built and very durable. They look cool and are quite comfortable. They do NOT have a lot of clamping force. Also I doubt that they are in any way better than the beats pros. They are worth the price, but there are a few better cans at that price on the market. Since you like clamping power, i would suggest the audio technica ath m50, any dj cans by sennheiser, or if you can afford it maybe the new harmen kardon cans. But...
I'm posting it.  
I'd agree but I'd add the the Pioneers have other benefits, like being very well built, aesthetically pleasing, and super comfortable.  
I stretched mine over some speakers for a very long time and they are now loose enough, but they're still uncomfortable because of the crappy earpads, circular shape, and general construction.  At least in comparison to my hdj-2000-k.
Tyl took the earpads out, so with a but of technical skill you probably can too.  Then just replace them with some from another company- most earcups are about the same anyways.  
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