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Hello everyone.   Looking for the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 AROUND EAR Brown WIRED version.   Considering both used and new   Thank
Has anyone figured out how to create a playlist that contains files from both the internal storage and the microSD?  If not, that's just sad because I'll have to end up using the internal 16gb as a storage for songs I don't really listen to with the sd being the main storage system.  Reminds me of how the J3 works. :/
I finally got my A15 from Amazon!  I have to say it's pretty great.   There is one problem, however.  I can't seem to pair it with other devices.  When I scan with it, it can't find other devices (I tried with 2 phones, an iPod touch, and a TV).  The other devices can't find it as well.  Anyone had to deal with this?
Can this tiny player drive an 80-ohm headphone reasonably well without an amp?
 Can someone answer this, please?  I would really appreciate it as I am really considering getting this.
Does this drive DT 770 80 Ohms?   Also, is there a standard rule to know whether a player can drive a headphone/IEM properly?  Thanks!
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I compiled it just for you OP Should I start printing these?  
Hey man. More power to your cause. Do we have to PM you for orders? I would love to grab a couple
Thanks bud.  Guess I'd have to go through it one by one  
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