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 Can someone answer this, please?  I would really appreciate it as I am really considering getting this.
Does this drive DT 770 80 Ohms?   Also, is there a standard rule to know whether a player can drive a headphone/IEM properly?  Thanks!
PM Sent
I compiled it just for you OP Should I start printing these?  
Hey man. More power to your cause. Do we have to PM you for orders? I would love to grab a couple
Thanks bud.  Guess I'd have to go through it one by one  
Thanks everyone for the replies.  Now I'm a bit enlightened.  So I guess using good EQ's aren't that frowned upon here.   Off topic : Anyone here know a pair of closed cans that sounds similar to the RE-262.  I could use one for the winter.   Is there like a database of frequency graphs of decent headphones so I could compare
Hi guys,   I understand that different head phones and IEM's have different sound signatures (I've learned this all here thanks guys).  Some are Analytical, Warm, Neutral etc etc and people prefer one over the other.    My question is, a lot of prgorams or DAPS have pretty outstanding equalizers (Cowon J3).  Does this sound signature still matter even though you can EQ the shortcomings of a specific headphone / IEM to your liking?.  Can some audio experts here...
Oh sorry can you point me to that thread please.   About you suggestion, wouldn't the housing for the drivers still have a chance of getting clobbered and all.
Hi everyone.  I'm not exactly sure where to post this thread so if I'm wrong I apologize.   I'm just wondering how IEM owners here store / maintain / take care of their IEMs when they're on the go.  Meaning just going out to the mall, the office, anywhere public as an example.  I used to have crappy earphones and just wrap them around my PMP and stuff them in my pockey because I frankly do not care.  But now that I start making smarter (and more expensive) purchases...
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