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Lol, you got that right music.After a year of owning a pair of 334s I love them even more now than when I first got them.I've gotta add that if price is of no concern, then the whiplash 8 conductor twag gold is really that little extra in terms of sq improvement, comfort and sheer looks that brings it all home for me. Thats after trying the 001,000 and alo sxc. I'm running mine out of a ms-ak100 and could not be more satisfied with a portable, as far as the cross between...
AnakChan has a Mezzo adapter of the same build. I guess shooting a PM to birdoffice, the owner of mezzo, to see if could be of help to you might be worth a shot. Phanom is a very nice guy just like our man Komkrit.
Congrats on that rev 3 Komkrit, you rock!Oops, double post, sorry.
Indeed! I'm a happy camper!
My experience of the 334s with the Alo cable was that the lower mids and bass suffered some loss in it's punch that is not so with the 000. My thinking is that the somewhat powerful lower regions of Listrid 2.0 would be a good match for the Alo cabled 334. I have sold my alo cable, so this is just my thinking from my recollection with that setup.
Gotta say I'm with Rudi on this. On my MS-AK100/TWAG Gold 8/TG!334 setup there is no lack of juicy mids nor treble problems, and the bass hits home running Listrid 2.0. It is portable endgame for me for quite a while, both my ears, wallet and wife tells me so.... 
Craig tends to be forgiven when his goods are connected... 
They sound great even out of my iphone I agree, but to be wowed with them all the time and not twice an hour takes some work. I've spent a fortune to hoan their sound, and this is my peak. This combo tames the bass of the 334 without giving away the timbre, and then emphazies the sparkle and bringing even more life to the mids. Simply a great synergy to an already great iem.
You must amp to bring justice to the lcds. My Intruder works wonders when balanced out on the lcds.
New Posts  All Forums: