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 I with you on the fit as well.  Been in the office all day and I would have to take it off every hour or so but enjoying the sound the more I listen to it.  Reminds of the JVC-FX850. And another one for annie audio, ordered mine during their national holiday week and received it well before the estimated date.
Yes right side only.  I'll email you soon.  Thanks Paul.
 I regretted selling my Novas so I started reading about the Andromedas and it lead me here.  Andromeda is still on the "to-buy" list after new road bike.
I changed tips and the bathroomish sound sorta went away but it's still too early to judge honestly.  I could also have a faulty stock cable that was cutting in and out.  I'm using my shure cable right now and it's excellent.  
"Bathroomish" is the better way of describing it yes.  I'm letting it play through the night and hopefully it'll sound better tomorrow.
Mine came in today and out the box it's already missing a piece lol.  Anyways, first impression is the sound is really hollow, anyone else feel this way?  The vocals are forward and shallow while the background sounds are recessed.  Playing through foobar and dacmini.  
Selling like new Westone Bluetooth Cable with MMXC connector.  Used it for maybe 20mins.  Bought it iPhone 7 but returned the phone for a Pixel so I don't need nor want wireless yet.     $130 includes paypal and shipping fees in USA only.
Selling my V3s in great working condition.  I can't remember the last time I used them but it can be reshelled by 1964 co.  Comes with original case, pouch, adapter and clip.     $200 includes shipping and paypal fee in USA only and confirmed addresses. 
Hate to do this but I'm forced to sell off some of my toys.  This is a mint condition Nova with original packaging and tips.     $400 include paypal and shipping in USA only.
Selling my silver H3s after less than a year use.  The Campfire Audio Nova has become my goto IEM for pleasure and travel and looking to sell this to fund for an Oppo PM-3.   Comes in original box and all original accessories.  $115 shipped includes paypal and shipping.
New Posts  All Forums: