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Loving mine with C5D.  
I picked mine up last night and I guess I'm the only ine that likes it without any "burn in"
Really interested in this but why is there not a spare cable without the buttons?
I was looking at the 4T then their website removed it and now have the 5G as coming soon and nothing available to order.
Yes I would ship to UK if you are willing to pay shipping cost which is $25.
Selling my UHA-6S.MKII, it's in great condition other than the little nick (see picture).  Selling to prepare for the newer UHA model coming out soon.   Comes with: OPA209 opamp AD4627 opamp (installed) USB Cable Monoprice Optical cable Owner's Manual   $225 shipped in USA. 
Sold last month.
I was listening to it for a couple hours yesterday moving around while it's connected to my Nexus 4 and did not hear any interference.
Selling my Magni that was purchased on 1/2013.  I bought another Matrix M-Stage and will no longer be using this.  Comes with original Schiit parts and I'll throw in RCA cables.  Rubber feet are installed and they are aesthetically like new condition with no dings or anything.   $70 includes paypal fees and shipping.  
Welp.  Just jumped on the ADA4627 hype train.  Let's see how these will pair with my 1964 V3.  The OPA627 and V3 didn't get along that well with a lot of buzzing noise especially at low volume.
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