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Hate to do this but I'm forced to sell off some of my toys.  This is a mint condition Nova with original packaging and tips.     $400 include paypal and shipping in USA only.
Selling my silver H3s after less than a year use.  The Campfire Audio Nova has become my goto IEM for pleasure and travel and looking to sell this to fund for an Oppo PM-3.   Comes in original box and all original accessories.  $115 shipped includes paypal and shipping.
Selling this unit since I purchased an Oppo HA-2 and only need one portable.  Opamp installed is the ADA4627-1B.  This comes with the unit only, no box or cables or anything.  This was previously purchased here and it works great.     $210 shipped with paypal fees included.  No trades or shipping outside USA.
When connected to PC, does this stay charged or do I have to plug in the charge and the device slot?  It's not asynchronous, correct?
Selling my MDR-1A to fund for an Oppo PM-3.  Headphones are in great condition.  Comes with original box, cables and carrying bag.     $180 shipped to USA only (paypal included).
Met up with hometeamboy this morning pick up and receive PM-3 Unit #1.
I agree to terms and would like to test out first.
I would if you are willing to pay the shipping costs.
Selling my P7 to fund or a new hobby.  In excellent condition, comes with original box and and both cables. Has somewhere between 40-50 hours on the.  Purchased from Best Buy 1/14/14 so warranty is still valid.   $275 includes shipping and paypal fees to USA only.
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