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 Yes over ear will go deeper.  I wear mine overear with Shure SE846 cable and it works really well.
Purchased on November 12th from  Has about 10 hours on them and the tips in the bag are not used but the ones installed are.  Purchased an iOS version and won't need the android version anymore.   $60 includes paypal and shipping in US.
Loving mine so far but I can't get the fitment correct and it feels like every movement or small tug they will fly out.  Also, anyone else find them heavy?  Would Shure over ear cables be an upgrade or downgrade from JVC ones?
Sold, however listing won't closed.
Selling my C5D in mint condition.  It comes with original box and usb cable.  No rubber feet.  Picked up a different DAC/AMP for work and will longer use this and want to sell to fund for something else.   $200 includes shipping and paypal fees.  Price is firm.
Bought a DACmini so I don't need this amp anymore.  Comes with OPA 627AP.  This was my second unit and in mint condition.  Comes with original box and power cable.  No RCA cable.     $160 paypal includes shipping and paypal fees.  USA only.  Price is firm.
This came in today but I no longer want them...took too long and I lost interest.  Not even curious what it sounds like.  Comes with everything you see int he picture, including brochure and Kickstarter letter.   $160 includes paypal fees and shipping.
I carry a UDG case purchased from amazon.  It stores the P7, JDS Labs C5D, cables and snacks.    
Loving mine with C5D.  
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