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When connected to PC, does this stay charged or do I have to plug in the charge and the device slot?  It's not asynchronous, correct?
Selling my MDR-1A to fund for an Oppo PM-3.  Headphones are in great condition.  Comes with original box, cables and carrying bag.     $180 shipped to USA only (paypal included).
Met up with hometeamboy this morning pick up and receive PM-3 Unit #1.
I agree to terms and would like to test out first.
I would if you are willing to pay the shipping costs.
Selling my P7 to fund or a new hobby.  In excellent condition, comes with original box and and both cables. Has somewhere between 40-50 hours on the.  Purchased from Best Buy 1/14/14 so warranty is still valid.   $275 includes shipping and paypal fees to USA only.
Selling my second pair of Momentums.  Liked them so much that I bought them when I had the iPhone but switch back to Nexus and now have the android version.  This was purchased in December 2014 from Amazon.   $65 shipped.
Selling my pair of FX-850.  They are in mint condition, no drops or any sign of defects  Great sound, I say it matches my B&W P7 nicely but it's time to move on to something else.  I would love to hang to them unfortunately my ear canal does not agree with the fitment and there's not point when I can't get a comfortable fit.    It comes with all original accessories. IT DOES NOT COME WITH THE SHURE CABLES PICTURED.  $225 in USA only and it includes paypal and shipping...
 Yes over ear will go deeper.  I wear mine overear with Shure SE846 cable and it works really well.
Purchased on November 12th from hifiheaven.net.  Has about 10 hours on them and the tips in the bag are not used but the ones installed are.  Purchased an iOS version and won't need the android version anymore.   $60 includes paypal and shipping in US.
New Posts  All Forums: