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When i bought them i didnt use an amp. I recently bought an hd598 with an asus dg. When i plugged in the m50 to the dg. The bass was so much better. It rumbled a lot more, which i like. An amp isnt necessary but its only $30 for an asus dg. Worth it imo.
just use your headphones as you usually would. you gotta give it some time. play music, watch a movie/video, play some games. itll take a few days but thats what i did with mine. if you're gonna just play pink noise (or whatever), you may as well just play dubstep. at least entertain yourself and use the headphones as intended. it took me about a week for the bass on my m50 to actually sound a lot more fuller compared to when i first got them. i was disappointed with the...
It took a few days for my 598 to sound better. Ive had them for a week and a bit. all i did was play songs and games, what i normally do. You might want to wait a few more days for better sound.
the M50 were my first pair of cans. imo they look great. matte black with a silver ring around the logo. they go over the ear and you wont need an amp, unless you're usin a galaxy S2.
I have the m50 and i think theyre great for my needs. Bass heavy songs are what i listen to. As for sound stage, theyre arent very good. The best youll get is hearing whats from the left and right and whats infront of you. I still use them for gaming though because i dont play competetively. I dont need to hear for footsteps and all that jazz. I wouldnt suggest them if you are more than an occasional gamer.
alright thanks. ill report back after a few days if im still havin complications
is it possible that i couldve damaged the drivers already because ive been playin bass-heavy songs too soon?
i just hope i didnt damage the bass permanently.   one of the songs i used was Chris Brown - Look At Me Now   from this song i can hear a little distortion from the low or mid tom sounds. and a little static in the beginning of the song. im hoping its just the file lol.   another song is J. Cole - Work Out   the bass definitely rattles there   ill give the headphones a couple of days of playing and then hopefully hear some improvements
i just recently got the 598 and i think i got a problem. the cans sound like theyre being over-worked or being played too loud. its only at 35% and i have winamp on 50%.   the only comparison i can think of is when you get new subwoofers you cant play it too loud because you gotta let the spider loosen over some time. if you dont let it loosen, itll make some sort of rattling noise. thats what im pretty much experiencing with the bass on my 598. its not for every...
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