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sounds legit, thanks. would it make sense to buy an e7 or 17 now with the 598 and then get an e9 later if i do get more expensive cans with higher impendance? not sure if i used the term 'impendance' correctly lol. let me know if the question didnt make sense
okay ill stick with the DG.   i noticed that the E10 has a bass booster. would that actually add more bass than the O2 without a bass booster? is it worth it to look for amps that have the bass booster option?
thanks guys i made my decision. i went for the 598. just bought it. now on my quest to find an amp!
i actually just came back from buyin the 598 and DG lol. i just have a feeling the DG by itself wont be enough. i might get an e9 or O2. but yeah, what you mentioned was my original plan. you think i should cancel the DG? i gotta wait for them to ship it to the store i went to
  ah, ill do some more research on the two. thanks from lookin at the pictures of the D2000, they look like they'd fit very similarly to the M50. the pleather and the shape of the cans look really similar. i can imagine that the 598 would be a lot more comfortable than the M50. thanks
i dont think the DAC would be necessary for me. i dont listen to any lossless files. just want to bump up the bass a little more. i read that the 598's bass isnt really there unless i amp it a bit
i was considering the fiio e10 or the JDS Lab O2. wasnt sure if there would be much of an improvement. thanks!
do you think the 598 would be fine without an amp?
i listen to dubstep, rap/hip-hop and some rock. mainly rap/hop-hip though. would there be an improvement of bass in the 598 compared to the 558? ive heard the 558's before. i like it. i already have a pair of M50 but i want something thats open eared. what really attracted me to sennheiser is how incredibly comfortable they are. are the denon d2000 as comfortable as the 558/598?
will the Xonar DG built in amp be enough for the 598?im plannin on buying the 598 today but i dont have an amp for it.
New Posts  All Forums: