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alright thanks. ill report back after a few days if im still havin complications
is it possible that i couldve damaged the drivers already because ive been playin bass-heavy songs too soon?
i just hope i didnt damage the bass permanently.   one of the songs i used was Chris Brown - Look At Me Now   from this song i can hear a little distortion from the low or mid tom sounds. and a little static in the beginning of the song. im hoping its just the file lol.   another song is J. Cole - Work Out   the bass definitely rattles there   ill give the headphones a couple of days of playing and then hopefully hear some improvements
i just recently got the 598 and i think i got a problem. the cans sound like theyre being over-worked or being played too loud. its only at 35% and i have winamp on 50%.   the only comparison i can think of is when you get new subwoofers you cant play it too loud because you gotta let the spider loosen over some time. if you dont let it loosen, itll make some sort of rattling noise. thats what im pretty much experiencing with the bass on my 598. its not for every...
@TyTB my buddy has the 558. He found a mod so that it can be more isolated and have less leakage. He said he just added more foam inside the cans. Not sure which mod he followed though
I also have the m50 and it sounds good with an ipod. I love bass and the m50 definitely delivers a great amount. Not too much that it becomes overpowering though.
Ive been usin the m50 so my expectations might be higher. I do love bass and cant get enough of it.
  that is true. i just like planning for the long run.   goin back to what stv014 said. can i configure the EQ, for example from winamp, so that i can get more bass out of it?
sounds legit, thanks. would it make sense to buy an e7 or 17 now with the 598 and then get an e9 later if i do get more expensive cans with higher impendance? not sure if i used the term 'impendance' correctly lol. let me know if the question didnt make sense
okay ill stick with the DG.   i noticed that the E10 has a bass booster. would that actually add more bass than the O2 without a bass booster? is it worth it to look for amps that have the bass booster option?
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