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Went out shopping and found two Yamaha receivers that look interesting. Rxv371 for $199 open box and a new rxv373 for $269. Is the only difference the features that are available? will i get different sound quality?
  very cool. i hope it doesnt happen to me. yeah i understand. i didnt think of upgrading to a pci-e sound card and connecting the audio directly to the computer. im gonna have to sleep on it. ya the brushed aluminum really draws me to the receivers. imo, it looks really attractive and looks good on just about anything
thanks man, but im in canada. wouldve bought it if i could thats true. it would fit in my budget. i think im set on buying a receiver though. mainly because itll allow me to use my headphones while i play console games   out of curiosity, would it be possible to connect my receiver to my computer while game to record gameplay? or will i need something else to make that happen?
when it comes to gaming, are the dacs in the receivers on par with external dacs? some one might've answered this but im not very good with reading between the lines. a simple yes or no will be good with me.   i guess the last thing i need to find out is, which receiver would be the best bang for my buck for gaming? in my first post, i have links to two receiver that i am willing to buy. are those worthy of buying?
Manually set the treble, mid and bass? Thats just about all i know to do lol.
Seems like ill be using hdmi, then ill just need to set my audio output to hdmi? seems easy.I came across the audyssey thread. Seems like it isnt available for receivers in my budget (~$200 CAD). Would it be necessary for a 2.1 setup? Is it something i have to get?I had another question, but cant remember it. Ill come back with it when i remember.
that makes sense. how do you have your receiver connected to your computer?  do i need a high end sound card? im using onboard right now because my computer wont recognize my Xonar DG any more for some reason, but im tryin to get it resolved.
awesome. thanks guys   isnt Yamaha's Headphone surround sound the same as DTS on Onkyo? wouldnt i want an analogue signal for audio instead of digital from hdmi? will i be able to use the sound stage of the HD 598 to its full potential? also, i read that having low impendance headphones would have worst sound quality than higher impandance when connected to a receiver? is this myth true?
can i use a receiver as a headphone and dac? if so, is it worth doin or should i just buy an amp and dac?   ive been checkin out these receivers   i want to use it to connect to my computer. also, im on the fence about...
You might need to expand the headband.
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