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For those who have used the RHA MA750, would you say they are comfortable while lying on the bed? For example, watching a video on your phone while lying on your side.
Been sleeping on this decision. I'm leaning more towards the Hisoundaudio Wooduo 2, though.
I, too, am looking for some earphones with similar sound. Here's a link to a post I made for reference.   Also, check out the HiFiMan RE-400
 I guess not. Is there a service that ships out multiple headphones to one customer to try and decide which one to purchase or did I just create a new business idea? I can't find these locally.
 I was comparing it to the description made by ljokerl when the vPulse was reviewed. I guess I just interpreted the two reviews differently. 
 Thanks for the tip. According to this review, I got the impression that the bass isn't as strong as the vPulse. Does it need to be "burnt in"?
Filtered out some earphones that appeal to me from Notes. JVC HA FXT90. Bassy but shallow insertion Velodyne vPulse. Bassiest bassy bass HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2. Double the price of vPulse, maybe double the bass? deeper bass than RHA MA750 RHA MA750. Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear. V-shaped, bassy/warm, android controls
Thanks guys. How about the ones I've listed? Some of them are on sale (ends today). Any one want to shed some light on those? I'm not a fan of the noise canceling technology. Its distracting IMO.
I usually bring my M50 with me for my plane trips, but I currently don't have access to them. Are there any IEM or headphones that could have the same or better bass than the M50? I like clarity and detail. What I definitely need is deep bass. Low low low bass. I hate it when headphones skimp out on the treble and mids just to enhance the bass. You know when the treble and mids sound muffled? That's what im talking about. I feel like the M50 did a great job at producing...
 just curious, why not the e10k?
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