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Hnngh. Even more excited for the AD01 to arrive.
 My AD01 should be arriving (hopefully) before Friday. Can't wait to use them. Dipping my feet in the basshead realm for the first time
Thanks. Are there any differences in the bass boost from all the portable Fiio amps?
Personally, I enjoy the M50 very much. An amp isn't necessary, but I have them amped by the Fiio E10K. I like to keep the bass boost on. I've traveled with them across Canada while connected to my HTC One M8. Comfort isn't the best, but it is largely improved when you change the earpads to velvet earpads. Build quality is amazing, and they are quite large. I don't see these breaking any time soon. The sound is on the warmer side. Once you start listening to them, you wont...
Which Fiio portable amps work with laptops that will, also, charge while it's being used?
Are there any differences in the bass boost within the Fiio portable amps? I'm looking to buy a Fiio amp to connect to the laptop (listen while charging) and my old iPod touch.
I'm looking to use the Philips L1 with the PS4 controller. The cable is iPhone compatible, so the mic won't work. What adapter should I be looking for to make the mic work with the audio? Ps. Could some one provide a quick explination as to why this occurs? From my understanding, the ps4 controller uses a different connection from iPhone compatible mic/remote connector. That's as much as I know.
Great idea. I just tried and it doesn't work.
Does any one else have an answer to this question? 
I currently use the M50, AKG Q701, Philips L1 and Shure SE215. I keep the bass boost on because, you know, the bass lol. I'll use the Q701 with the high gain. I might not need a better amp now, but later on I plan to buy other headphones that may utilize the amp to its potential. Plus, I've read about how much people like using this amp. At the price I see it on Massdrop, I wouldn't mind having a taste of it myself.   This brings up another question, would I still be...
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