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I got to borrow it from work together with an HD800, a Northstar Essensio dac and Tellerium Q black RCA's. I must say I'm pretty impressed but it's still a bit edgy, probably needs to play for a couple more hours.   But my first impressions are really good.
I have the privilige right now that I work in one of the largest stores with headphones displayed in Antwerp and I get to sell them. I've had to listen to MDR-R1, Momentum, K550, HD 25-II, SE-MJ591 and others..., and as last Amperior because it only arrived two weeks ago.   Funny thing was since the line-up was full I had to put all three Amperior's on the Sennheiser wall. It was only because the HD25-II sold out there was another spot and I was able to place it...
For everybody interested in using the dac mobile of the Leckerton UHA-4. I just got a galaxy s3 on ICS and I plugged in my micro usb with OTG and it worked straight away. I was very impressed by this since USB-audio is officially supported on Jelly Bean. But the Sammy gave zero trouble under ICS. I think we can put the Leckerton UHA-4 on the list of dacs that support usb-audio from an android-device.
I'm going to order these at gd audio base. A lot cheaper but I've read people had to wait a long time to get them when living in the Far West but previous posts claim that Europeans got them faster. And when you purchase something on their site for the first time you get 5% discount. I've bought at MusicaAcoustics before and was happy with their service but they do seem a bit overpriced there.
I am really interested in these as well. I have the DBA MKII and love them.   With what I've been reading here this one seems worth the jump because I was searching for bass-heavier headphones.   Only wondering if these would go well with my Leckerton UHA-4. (OPA-209)   I can drive an HD650 with volumes maxed out but I hope it will be a good match?   Did anyone ever try these with UHA-4?
double post
We just got the mixmaster and AKG K550 in the store today and I must say they are doing completely different things, where the AKG is about detail, more brightness and less bass the mixmaster has a LOT of bass while sacrificing some of the mids and highs, though they are very punchy. The AKG is the better allrounder in my opinion but for electronics the mixmaster is excellent, I did not expect myself enjoying this headphone so much, a friend of mine who is a rock buff...
I've used it now for 4 hours, and I must say I'm impressed. I've listened to skrillex, armin van buuren mixes, vanessa mae, black hawk down ost, faithless, melody gardot all in FLAC. I wasn't expecting the DBA's to give much more detail, but there it is. Also the harshness that I've experienced before is much better. Sometimes it can be a bit to neutral for some types of songs, and doesn't give the added emotion necessary to appreciate. But with the UHA-4 I've noticed...
I found it on igobazaar.com I was googling and stumbled on it. There was this other website but this one looks more reliable.   Are all new T51's inferior now?
I could tell you where to buy one yourself on a website or are you looking to buy second hand?
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