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Ah i have managed to find a headphone shop in my area, they dont have most the headphones but they do have bower and wilkins and the kef m500 aswell as the momentums, i think ill head there in exactly 11 days or so and make a purchase, although im leaning towards KEF because they are UK based and good customer service reviews if anything was to happen, it all depends on there sound, thanks for the help GL1TCH3D!
Oh undoubtedly, but this is the closest i can get to listening to them, as i dont know a headphone specialist nearby that stocks these to listen to them.
the only headphones i tried where the ones i listed the htf 600 and q40 the rest ive been trying through the tests that are on the companies soundcloud
well they dont have the nad hp50 but they have the sample of a momentum overhead and yeh they sound pretty nice but i still prefer the dt 770's sample on the website, as for the NAD HP50 how does that compare to the dt 770, how is the build quality on the momentums, are they worth the price, do they need to amped or do they benefit from being amped?   To be more specific i prefer the highs on the dt770 they sound more crisp, like even if i play them on full volume of my...
ill give them a listen now
as far as i am aware SC uses 320kbps or at least supports it
Hi im starting university at the end of this month and im looking for a pair of headphones that can do it all for me, i would like to use them at home and out and about, however i kinda came to conclusion that there inst really a headphone that can do that (based on my research) so id even consider getting a pair of ear buds for portability alongside a headphone and amp combination.   My past ear gear has been; Panasonic Rtf-600s- these are broken, i decided to pop the...
Is it really that much of a difference?
Hey guys my q40s are on the verge of collapse so I was wondering how are the xb700s in comparison
guys if you aint come across these guys on beatport they where top of the charts for one week....   Guys house music nowerdays is slacking these guys are the real deal they are beats hear are some tracks...   Please subscribe to these guys here are the links for there...
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