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Is it really that much of a difference?
Hey guys my q40s are on the verge of collapse so I was wondering how are the xb700s in comparison
guys if you aint come across these guys on beatport they where top of the charts for one week....   Guys house music nowerdays is slacking these guys are the real deal they are beats hear are some tracks...   Please subscribe to these guys here are the links for there...
hey guys i just brought the q40s like 2 weeks ago but they broke and im trying to repair them....if i can repair them. do you reckon the xb700 i can get them brandnew for 60 quid is a good replacement 
What about the leaking compared to the pannys
hey guys i recently brought the m audio q40s, a replacement cable ( 3rd party) and a blade =P  aside from the cable and earpads is there anything else i should know before it suprises me    also how good is the isolation on these ? how are they for the aeroplane (airplane)?   my biggest concern is how much do they leak compared to the htf 600s ?   thanks in advanced
how is the bass on the dt770, does it hit low, pack any punch? how does it compare to the bass on my current hp's i listen to EDM/METAL/ROCK Only  ( the pannys)
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