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Hello There, The "Truth" cable that we used on the Truth Edition earphones were a joint development between Van Den Hul of the Netherlands and us.  VDH also manufactures the cables exclusively for us.  The cable composition utilises much of VDH's proprietary technologies.  On the "Brass" earphones, we used a very limited run of cables also made for us by VDH.  It comprises some of their 3T technology in there.  So if you cut them up (strongly discouraged!), you'll find...
Hi There, Thank you for your interest.  At Dita we always use 4 cores regardless of the termination.  Right from the beginning before the 2.5mm TRRS was available, we had decided to use 4 cores. D.
Hi there, It's a work in progress.  But it should be rolling out this year for sure.  We are getting very close and going into production very quickly.  Thanks for your interest. D.
Dear ExpatinJapan and all our friends,   We know you've all been asking for LL(L) sized tips and double flange tips.  We've been working on those quite fervently in the last few months.  We will keep everyone informed once they become available.  Thanks to all of you for liking the product and for your consistent support.    D.
 Hi There,We have finished up the fabrication of the 3.5 to 3.5 interconnects. They will need to be QC'ed and then packaged and we'll have to get them up on the webstore and sent to distributors accordingly. I reckon, 2nd week of March or even before that. Thanks.D.
Dear ExpatinJapan, I am sorry but Lightning for all it's merits is very difficult to work with reliably.  In addition, Apple has Protocols in place regarding the use of Lightning and the cable specifications must be in line with theirs.  The reality is, there are going to be very few true Lightning MFI (made For Ipod) cables that will be made for audiophiles using audiophile grade cables.  D.
Dear Friends.   For those of you who may have come across the mini to mini interconnect and are looking for it, thanks!  It will be available on our webstore in a few weeks time.    For those of you that have come across the Truth cable terminated with different plugs (Westone, MMCX style), I can assure you, those are beta models that were made for testing purposes.  They are not final production versions and they are not for sale just yet.  We have had so many...
Dear SkySoul, Thank you very much for your support of our products.  Honestly, this hobby of ours knows no bounds and compared to most regular music lovers, the stuff we spend on our gear is ridiculously expensive. I thought I'd like to say a little about the cost of the Balanced termination which is quite closely tied to our design philosophy for the Balanced models. 1. We used a moulded plug for the Balanced models because we imagined that most users of the newer AK...
Hi There, Thought I'd chime in a bit on this.  The non-Balanced Truth also uses four runs of the same cable. The TRRS or Balanced uses the same four runs of cable.  Yes it's true we could have saved substantial costs when we designed the original Truth wiring but for various reasons, both technical and otherwise, we did not want to scrimp on that cost.  So FYI, there is no difference in the number of cables used in both the Balanced and Non-Balanced Truth Editions. Best,D.
Dear Friends,   Thank you for your patience and support.  Truths are finally back in stock.  Thanks again everyone!   D.
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