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Hi Everyone,  thought I'd share some pictures from the Ultimate Sound Fair in Beijing.  AK is on a roll to introduce their products to as many audiophiles as possible in the humongous Chinese market.  This show was organized and paid for by AK and exhibitors were selected and invited.  We are honoured to be in the presence of the giants of our little industry.                  
Hello Everyone.Hi there, Just above the splitter is a trapezoid shaped moulded piece of rubber/plastic.  It actually slides up and down the cables.  When fully returned to it's original position, it may be hard to notice that it actually serves any purpose.  For users that experience some difficulty keeping the cables behind the ear, they can slide this chin stop up a bit more and that should help keep the cables behind the ear.  Hope that helps. D.
Hi, Your question about Van Den Hul is well raised and we thought we'd like to take the opportunity to sound off a bit on the reasoning behind that. We are very proud of our collaboration with Van Den Hul and that's why we clearly indicate so on the Truth Edition. There are many quality cable manufacturers in the market today but Dita has always believed that the rise and development of personal audio is still behind that of 2 channel stereo home setups.  This is not a...
Hi there, There are a multitude of portable amps, DAPs, DACs and combos out there.  It's gonna be really hard for us to try them all and give a recommendation.  There are a few products that we have here which we deem to be quality products but again, various combos yield rather different results.  Your request sounds like fun so we are gonna gather the team this weekend and put all our stuff on the table.  Then we're gonna do a shootout and a vote amongst our tech and...
We use Resonessence Labs products in our reference rigs and if you look at the coverage of the Fujiya Avic Headphone Festival, you'll note that we travel with the Invicta.  You are getting a very good match with the Concero HP. 
Hi CN11.  I myself use the ZX-1 on both Answer and Answer (Truth Edition).  Just thought you might like to know that.  Occasionally, I might add an amp through a "walkman" LOD but most times, it's just the earphones direct out of the ZX1.D.
We use tracks 7 & 8 from the XLO Reference Recordings Test and Burn-in CD.  I have also tried the Cardas Clarifier app and for most intents and purposes it seems to work too.D.
Being dynamic driver based, our earphones do require some burn-in.  We don't really want to get into the number of hours, just like most other manufacturers, because the burn-in tracks, the gain settings and impedence matches could potentially affect the said number of hours.  Most times, we keep ours running at just below listening volume and then do a de-mag / de-gauss after every 72 hours.
Dear Sauntere, We are excited that you are excited but try to be patient and give it a bit more time.  Dynamic drivers do need a fair bit more time to really open up.  This is especially true for the Truth cable version.  The points you have noted above should come into focus with quite a bit more burn in time.  Have fun.D.
We welcome the comparisons with different products and we recognize that different folks will have different preferences.  With the Dita products, we strived to have a dynamic driver bass slam and impact that we feel more closely replicates the natural feel and sonics of such sounds while at the same time maintaining the speed, separation and accuracy of a top tier product.  Top to bottom coherence is critically important to us and we hope that folks will find this...
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